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Home-Improvement What is CRT TV? CRT TV is a type of television which uses CRT or cathode ray tube equipment. This technology uses a fluorescent screen .prised of electron beams that project the picture unto a screen. It has been in use in households since the middle of the 20th century and makes up more than half of the standard televisions that are still around nowadays. Since the introduction of Plasma, and LCD TVs, CRT TVs have be.e less appealing to some people, but, there are still some benefits to using CRT technology. Why use/buy a CRT TV? There are numerous available options for CRT TV. While your own likes will determine the kind of TV you will buy here are some reasons why the CRT TV is not at all a bad option. It is very simple to install. The word setup might be a bit strong taking into account that your CRT TV will only have to be plugged in, linked to your cable or antennae and then turned on to get it to work. A Plasma or LCD screen will likely have to be placed on a wall, the audio system will have to be set up individually, and if you are using a model with a projector this will also have to be set up. While the larger models may contain a built in stand, some will not hold without difficulty on most standard TV stands. The picture quality is in fact superior to a majority of Plasmas and LCDs. The contrast, shadow detailing, and the colouring are still exceptional and very much visually pleasing. Additionally you may buy a CRT TV that has HD (High Definition) technology. This will guarantee more improved visual quality. Although technically you wont receive the best quality if the channels that you regularly watch are not in HD. Nevertheless, the picture quality of CRT TV is still .parable if not superior than it is more streamlined .petitors. CRT TV is a lot more affordable than your standard LCD or Plasma TVs, with Plasmas costing a lot more. While a more high end CRT TV with HD capabilities of about 36 inches widescreen platform will cost you anywhere in the region of $1500-$2000. Your standard LCD TV at 37 inches will cost you a phenomenal $3,500.00. So if the price is a concern then you may want to go for a CRT TV. But, rates for the LCD are expected to fall further in future, but as it stands CRT TV is a lot cheaper option. You will be able to view your CRT TV with ease from most angles. They are therefore .parable to LCD or Plasma from this standpoint. They will last much longer and will not need to be sustained. This is a great advantage to anyone who wants to cut costs by all means. Most standard CRT TVs will endure very long once they are placed on a surge protector. The surge protector will, as the name suggests, reduce the possibility of your TV being affected by any abrupt power surges. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: