Deqing, nourishing cultural feast – Sohu and windproof

Deqing, nourishing cultural feast and drink wind weapon Sohu – Huzhou Author: He Shulun video fangfengshi myths is released. In ancient times Chinese legend, he was the giants, three feet three feet high. He is ancient China Wind (now Zhejiang Deqing County) founder, also called Wang Mang’s legend is the ancestor of surname Wang today. He is not only a man of indomitable spirit of God will also flood hero, a great nation, protecting the people safe, Wu Yue is also the ancestor god bless, loyal, jieruqiu, help eliminate Yu traitors? The loyal, is to help the formulation of legal law Yuanxun Yu, cultural hero. Mogan Mountain Hotel launched a cultural feast to commemorate the wind is the flood hero, the hotel chef shows fangfengshi turtle and gold sauce two dishes for us. The turtle are cut into small pieces, boiling water after the pot, picked up after the cold water, remove grease: chicken also pot boiled water water drain, oil hot pot, add onion, broth, salt and chicken with fried, cooked into the pot, add cooking wine, ginger and shallot. And the turtle stew 20 ~ 30 minutes: Crab cut in the pan fry until golden fish paste made of cooked fish: wok fried vegetables; finally, you can put the disc. The wind’s turtle Huzhou is located in the south of Taihu, has always been a land of fish and rice, fish is the common ingredients here, and here is the lake crab flavor. Make the wind’s turtle, then choose the Hualian, lake crab and other ingredients, not only delicious and nutritious, nourishing beauty for women is a cultural feast, wind as Mogan Mountain hotel features, but also the Zhejiang satellite TV, Huzhou TV and other media. Tourists from Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places will often point, while the autumn and winter seasons, gold sauce lamb is every table must point. "Gold sauce drink Yellow Wine, mutton products, Deqing local custom, the gold sauce also won the national cooking competition gold medal. Mutton stew was fat but not greasy, crisp but not bad, eat lamb, "day night without without wearing cotton padded jacket, quilt cover." The wind’s turtle and gold sauce is two entree, Mogan Mountain hotel cultural feast of the wind came to Deqing, can not miss the delicious. Mogan Mountain Hotel Address: Zhejiang province Huzhou city Deqing County Wukang No. 25 Yongan Street (near Xingkang Road) Tel: 0572-8280555: 100 yuan per capita, 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours the delicacy ( leading the catering industry into the high-end catering key sharing economy order! Free beta first! Search attention "the most delicacy membership card" (zui_ms_ka) micro signal, enjoy "the delicacy" nationwide cooperative businesses and key ordering "three free one" discount, covering four or five star hotel buffet, business packages, lobby bar, bar lounge, weekend brunch and other products. WeChat beta is now low-key on-line, immediately registered as a seed user, free to enjoy five stars enjoy the United States chapter相关的主题文章: