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SEO Due to the rise in the trend of .panies shifting their focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing, many agencies and consultancies have opened up which provide basic services in digital marketing. These agencies and consultancies advise .panies on what sort of digital marketing strategy they should adopt and then how should they implement that strategy. Moreover, you can simple get advice or guidance rather than getting a full fledged digital marketing strategy planned out.Now to focus on the fact that why is there a general shift towards digital marketing. The basic reason is due to the wide spread use of the internet these days. The basic aim of any marketing strategy is to gain exposure for your .pany and your products and these days in this age of technology and electronics the best way to advertise is to do it digitally. Digital marketing is the use of any electronic or digital media to advertise or promote your product. These means could be the TV, radio, mobiles phones; however, the most popular is the internet. Digital marketing via the internet has been proved to be quite effective along with being cost- effective. The basic internet tools digital marketing employs are search engines, website or web blogs. .ing on to search engines, we know that almost everyone uses search engines daily to find things online. So why not take advantage of the extensive use of search engines and use them to promote your products? One of the most popular search engines is Google which is also the market leader of all search results. Google has many effective strategies and is quite selective in choosing websites which are placed in its first few search results pages. One thing that Google has now started taking into consideration is page load speed. Hence, if you own a website whose main purpose is advertising your products, then you need to make sure that your websites page load speed is up to the mark so that you can spread maximum amounts of awareness about your products. There are many free tools that you can utilize in order to check your websites page load speed. These are Pingdom, YSlow and Google Webmaster Tools. Using the mentioned tools you can not only monitor your speed but also increase it thereby increasing your chances of being in the top search results. Now Google does not only keep track of websites search engine optimization techniques and efficiency but also speed is taken into consideration. So to get the maximum amount of exposure try ensuring that your website does not take long to open up as it can prove to be quite damaging for your ad campaign. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: