Do Demons Exist-boee

Satellite-TV I was watching the SyFy channel and began to wonder if peoples homes can truly be haunted by demons. The other questions I have are: Do I really want to know? Should I know? This is like asking yourself whether or not you should use the Ouija Board. Sometimes the truth might be better left unsaid. My curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to peek around the Internet to see if there is any validity to demons haunting peoples homes. I looked for both sides of the story- true and untrue. Lets start with the idea that demons could exist and if so, what is a demon and why do they haunt the homes of innocent people? The modern definition of what a demon is seems to be that it was never a person- only a tricky and intelligent evil spirit that causes trouble if it ever gets into your house. The idea that demons exist has been around for ages, across the globe and within many different religions. The definition of a demon is not consistent but varies across different cultures and time periods. For example, Ancient Greeks believed that demons were just another entity and were not necessarily classified as good or bad. It does, however, seem that the term demon was a negative one throughout most other cultures, especially Christianity. The media also plays a big role in the belief of demons. Take the movie The Exorcist for example that was loosely based on a true story. Although Regan (Linda Blair) has a great relationship with her mom, you see that there is alcohol in the house, swearing and anger at the father who does not call or visit his daughter. One might say that their weaknesses could have been preyed upon once they opened the door by using the Ouja Board. This movie left many people in a state of paranoia and hearing that it could have been based on a true story could have convinced a few people that demons could be real. Why would a demon want to enter your life? Demons feed off fear, weakness and negative energy from what I discovered online. They taunt people in order to show them who is boss and they gain strength as the person weaker. Demons may enter a home if there are ghosts already there. They move in on their territory and rule the roost. This usually happens if the ghosts were once people who died during a traumatic experience. Demons that build strength tend to spawn out of control and be.e more troublesome and supposedly could try to hurt you. The best way to rid of this evil menace is to tell it to go away without showing it any emotion including fear or anger. It is said that you have a better chance at winning a million dollars than being haunted by a demon in the sense that I have mentioned, so this should ease your mind if you believe that they exist. Are there any proven cases of demonic hauntings? Heres something I could not find. There are plenty of stories floating around out there on the Internet that will scare the socks off many people. It seems that most people claim demonic hauntings have not been proven. Some say it has happened to them and try to convince others by sharing their stories. I became curious after watching the film A Haunting in Connecticut because I heard that this too was based on a true story. I did a little research on the true story. Evidently, there are many holes between the stories of each family member, leaving room for people to question the mental stability of the family. Then again, who are we to judge? You might question why we dont see a lot of footage of demonic hauntings with all of the web cams and other technology we have these days. Demons supposedly do not care to be seen because they dont want to do us any favors, though you might think there would be more documentation of voices and flying couches, etc. You have to take into account the fact that there would still be room for doubt even if we did see it on video. There is also the idea that these things can happen so fast that there might not be enough time to grab the camera and the next occurrence will most likely be unpredictable. If we were to see footage, you know it would have to .e from an extremely reliable source. Im sure if President Obama broadcasted live film from a demonic haunting in the White House, we would certainly be in a panic! Overall, demons dont have much of a leg to stand on, as they have never been proven to exist. This, of course, is a good thing. I can deal with Casper the Friendly Ghost but I have a problem with Captain Howdy. Stories about demons that are supposedly true are usually those that cant be explained any other way. Perhaps these experiences, if they are valid, are really attributed to something that is still beyond our .prehension. Take into account how; many years ago, people with dissociative disorders such as schizophrenia were diagnosed as being possessed by evil spirits. This belief was around for years until the field of psychology came around and proved this theory false. Either way, stories about the paranormal always interest me and they certainly make great horror movies! By: Francis David About the Author: 相关的主题文章: