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Do not say that their menstrual irregularities! Untune aunt = self mutilation – Sohu maternal menstruation, is our most dear bestie… Deeply attached to each other between us and ta… If you have a headache and dizziness, we will be very nervous, because TA is not good, we do not want to better… Care too much, resulting in something was wrong with the state of extreme nervousness., menstruation, afraid of what disease, a disease you most often doubt, is — menstruation. However, the house they ah, the more than and 30 day of menstrual cycle, menstruation, menstrual delay few old… Is not necessarily disorders ah! Normal menstrual period we have to determine the imbalance of menstruation, we must first know what is the "tune" of menstruation. In general, normal menstruation is that, from the three indicators: 1, menstrual cycle: 21-35 days, an average of 28 days; 2 period: 2-8 days, 4-6 days on average; 3, by volume (menstrual period, the total amount of bleeding): 20-60ml; so, if your menstrual cycle, period of days the amount in the normal range, every time menstruation is not too irregular, it is not offset. * the number of days on the 3 day of the children’s paper, do not say that their menstruation is not adjusted; * menstrual cycle on more than 3 weeks, and not menstrual disorders; * menstruation less, a cycle of only half a bag of aunt towel, nor… We estimate that a piece of sanitary napkins can suck blood 10ml, wet half a piece of you change, that is, 5ml, you half pack down, enough 20ml… What kind of imbalance? Imbalance, in my opinion, is more "no longer" means. Your menstrual indicators in the normal range, there are rules, it should not be easy to give their own crown irregular menstruation. Irregular menstruation, there are 3 basic features: > > > > 1, the initial time of menstrual cycle menstrual cycle varies more than 35 days or less than 21 days a year; menstruation less than 6-8 times; or cessation of menstruation time was 3-6 months or even longer. > > > > 2, unstable menstrual bleeding time, even more frequent. For example: a time to 7-8 days, and then to a 10+ days. > > > > 3, volume significantly increase or decrease menstrual duration is longer, or a sudden increase or decrease suddenly. If more than 2 consecutive cycles of the above, it may be irregular menstruation. Irregular menstruation, how to adjust how to adjust, in fact, is a very complex problem, because there are many reasons for irregular menstruation is very complex, only "an antidote against the disease", can not generalize". > > > > 1, do not adjust the situation in fact, there are a lot of "irregular menstruation", is occasionally one or two times, sometimes because of emotional and psychological stress and physical fatigue, and even environmental changes and other reasons, resulting in "irregular" menstruation in three indicators of performance. Don’t worry too much about this occasional menstrual disorder相关的主题文章: