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UnCategorized Spa tubs are the best thriving and breeding grounds for micro organisms. This is because of the increased contact with organic substances and the hot environment that keeps the place warm and inviting for the germs to live in. Since hygiene and cleanliness of these tubs is important, tubs are cleaned using disinfectant hot tub spa chemicals that kill unhealthy bacteria. Let us have a look at how these chemicals are used for the purpose of sanitation. Chlorine: Chlorine is the most traditional and .monly used among the various hot tub spa chemicals. It is usually marketed in granular or tablet form. Only very low concentration of chlorine is required to clean and disinfect hot tubs. Bromine: Bromine is a very good alternative to chlorine and less toxic too. This is also a disinfectant that .es in granular or tablet form. It is usually preferred by many to clean and sanitize hot tubs because this chemical does not produce an unpleasant odour as .pared to chlorine. Bromine is usually suspended using a cartridge or floating apparatus into the tub through a method called dispensing. An alternative method to dispensing of bromine is to directly introduce it into the water in .bination with another chemical called biguanide that effectively kills the microbes by generating hydrogen peroxide which reacts with bromine and aids in sanitation of water. Yet another method for using bromine as a disinfectant is through use of slow-released sprays. This is currently the most popular because the chemical is evenly distributed slowly and steadily over longer periods of time, heightening its ability to kill disease-causing organisms at lower and even concentrations without any harmful effect on the skin. Ozone: Ozone is a gaseous chemical that is often used to aid in the process of sanitation of tubs. Ozone reacts with many of the .mon disinfectants including chlorine, bromine, biguanide and minerals. Test strips that test the quality of water in the tub must be used before the chemicals are used. This small test will let you know how much chemical can be added to the tub, depending on the bands. Other information like pH, alkalinity and calcium levels of water, which also assists in maintaining the quality of water to the required standards, are also provided. Ozone is a powerful assistant to sanitizers because of its powerful oxidizing ability and it helps in killing and removing many of those substances that are left out by the chemical disinfectants and that which cannot be seen with the naked eye. These include dead skin, sebum, cosmetics and chemicals used in make-up. Ozone is applied in the hot tub spas using a method called oxidation-shocking treatment once every week. Spa owners usually use this method to effectively kill disease causing bacteria. In order to keep hot tubs free of bacteria, spa owners must change the tub filters every week and spray them with filter degreaser before installation. Hot tubs as a rule, must also be regularly drained, thoroughly cleansed and refilled with clean water. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: