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Do you want your app to be top of the list? Apple wants to see who the money Tencent Francisco before, Apple has been testing into the search advertising in the software store (i.e. PPC), recently, search advertising service to the end of the test period, developers have been able to buy advertising, advertising will be displayed in October 5th. In the future, if developers want to expand downloads, only to buy Apple’s search ads. Previously, Apple’s iOS 10 operating system has appeared in the app store search ads, but that is only the test period. Recently, the official opening of this service. Apple built a new web page, to all developers to introduce how to use search advertising, as well as the benefits of this service. Apple said that statistics show that in the app store, 65% downloads by users to search and produce, in other words only 1/3 users will browse or download category in the app store. Apple hopes developers understand that the purchase of search advertising will be a return on investment. Apple also said that for developers, the use of search advertising process is very simple, only a few steps can be set to complete. In order to encourage developers to try to search for advertising, Apple announced that it will not use the service developers, giving $one hundred service limit. In the previous test, Apple’s search ads are completely free, some developers have tried this system. Currently, developers have been able to try to buy search advertising, advertising will be officially displayed from October 5th. And Google (micro-blog) search, Apple’s software search ads introduced a competitive ranking mechanism for different search keywords, developers can price competition, the high bidder will get advertising. Apple executives said that before the auction system for careful consideration and design, Apple will ensure that the fair competition between different developers, will not allow large developers to search advertising monopoly. In addition, apple did not set the minimum purchase amount, so developers only need to invest a small amount of money can buy their own keywords to favor, in addition users see advertising, and really click after developers will need to pay the actual apple. For apple, the software store PPC, will provide a new source of service revenue. As everyone knows is that the first half of the year, almost all of Apple’s hardware sales plummeted two digit, revenue decline appeared for the first time in thirteen years, Apple needs to expand the service revenue other than hardware, to avoid sharp fluctuations in the performance of the company. Apple’s software store is an important source of Apple’s service revenue, in all downloads and internal consumption of software, Apple will share 30% of the revenue, which is known as apple tax". Apple tax has been in the development of many countries and the anti-monopoly authorities have caused dissatisfaction, such as the Japanese government has begun to investigate the tax on apple, that the damage to the interests of other investors and apple competitors. According to media reports, about more than and 100 engineers participated in the development of search advertising system, the team’s mission, but also to make the software store is getting better and better. In addition, although the original intention of the design of the search advertising is good, but in the actual operation will be.相关的主题文章: