Dong Mingzhu next year you can sit on a

Dong Mingzhu: next year will be able to sit on the GREE motor GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu recently had a bad time. The day before, a Miss Dong in the GREE electric in 2016 the first provisional shareholders meeting’s "reality show" detonated network, but "I come in no applause, this is the first time the key is not a problem, the real problem is that both sides make anxious matters related to GREE plans to build" the acquisition of Zhuhai silver long "by small shareholders obstruct. The reporter received a copy of the general meeting of shareholders with written records, it is found that in the meeting Ms. Dong Mingzhu and Zhuhai long silver Wei Yincang actual control on hot issues related to the detailed response, which investors have to ask what is the latest time to sit on the GREE car, Miss Dong still firmly replied: next year will be. In August this year, GREE announced the acquisition price of 13 billion yuan in Zhuhai silver long new energy Co., Ltd. 100% stake, then outside of their cross play voices constantly repairer. The evening of October 30th, GREE announced that the 28 annual meeting of the first extraordinary general meeting held on 2016 to disclose. The poll results show that including the key motion "issued shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transactions in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations of the EGM motion" and "15 motion on the company supporting the motion to raise funds, the company" was rejected, and "on the company to the specific issue of shares to buy assets of the program" bill of 11 such motion is passed. There are close to GREE stakeholders told reporters that GREE’s acquisition of Zhuhai silver long bill has passed, but the motion to raise funds did not pass. "The result of this kind of" fighting "is very rare in the capital." There are institutional investors told reporters. Changjiang Securities analyst Xu Chun said that due to the consideration of the motion submitted by GREE, there are a lot of cross motion, any veto may have a substantial impact on other bills. But given by the acquisition of long silver all bills required all did not get through, from the current situation, GREE electric appliances of Zhuhai silver long acquisition of assets and supporting financing plan was rejected, but the future does not rule out the presence of text interpretation level variables. Why small investors are so opposed to the acquisition plan? Some analysts have told reporters that the acquisition of supporting the financing of the issuance price is too low, lower than the cost of ownership of many institutions, and the acquisition of GREE electric transformation of Zhuhai silver long strategy, some shareholders are still questioned. For such an embarrassing situation, Miss Dong was furious at the same time, GREE also had to come up with the corresponding motion to adjust. These stakeholders told reporters that GREE will not give up the acquisition of silver long, still continue to advance, specifically in the study". It seems that the GREE car this thing, the future will Haoxiliantai "".相关的主题文章: