Double eleven transactions over 110 billion record, Ma would like to thank the hand chop party to th

Double eleven transactions over 110 billion record, Ma would like to thank the hand chop party to thank the broadcast network red? Sohu science and technology this year is my first time to watch the activities of the eleven double – track Tmall, was fortunate to witness the entire process of double – 11. The first hour showed a very strong growth momentum, a direct breakthrough 35 billion 300 million, last year, only the first hour of the first 24 billion 700 million. More than 6 points in the morning has been more than a full day in 2014 of the total turnover of more than 91 billion 200 million in the afternoon of last year’s turnover of more than, less than 19:00 has exceeded the point of, 22:00 exceeded 110 billion. This growth is that many people did not expect, after all, Tmall has a large scale of eleven. Why can maintain such high growth? A significant reason is that the electricity supplier market sink sink. With the rise of OPPO, vivo and other mobile phone brands, the 3456 line and the rural market is accelerating the popularity of mobile Internet, which has brought strong demand growth. This wireless terminal shopping accounted for up to 82% shows that mobile shopping has become a trend, even if there is no broadband place, through the 4G network and the village Amoy can conveniently shop. These users are Tmall double eleven in such a large base still maintain high growth. Of course, Tmall double eleven this year there is a new change is globalization. However, the current consumption is still the main domestic market. Tmall 11 this year to maintain a high growth of a core reason, but also one of the reasons many people are ignored, the role of the live platform. During the double eleven, the live element is everywhere. Tmall double eleven this year to become a live double 11 Tmall double shopping carnival is the essence of the attention economy, in the eyes of the people after the rally to stimulate their consumption of the eleven. Therefore, decided to only three factors Tmall double eleven transactions: one is whether people enough; two people were attracted to the demand is strong and is adequately excited; the three is whether there is enough goods to meet the needs of the first two. In order to do the first point, Tmall put a lot of marketing resources. May 2013 Alibaba investment micro-blog, marking the beginning of its layout in the social media, when the 11 pairs of micro-blog has become an important diversion platform, is still. 2014 Alibaba investment Youku potatoes after its wholly-owned acquisition, which is the beginning of the layout of Alibaba in the video media, the same, in 2014 11 pairs of Youku potatoes made a great contribution. Last year, Ali has invested heavily in Hunan satellite TV with Tmall double eleven party. It can be seen that each year eleven new media are introduced, the introduction of new marketing methods. This year eleven party continues, but television replaced the Zhejiang satellite TV, held in place into Shenzhen, star level is much higher, more importantly, Tmall started from multiple dimensions to support live. 1, Tmall party, live and television, network and red star interaction. Tmall this year, the party, the live broadcast has become a key element, the party in a number of live broadcast platform, while the depth of the broadcast network red school相关的主题文章: