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Dropping the Harvard H6 price range on the mainstream SUV price list – Sohu auto page first: Honda CR-V, TOYOTA RAV4 glory put [truth] laboratory Sohu auto 150 thousand yuan can buy mainstream joint venture compact SUV price range, met independent mainstream of compact SUV which almost touch, on several major joint venture SUV after the replacement, has more than 2 years, terminal market prices have significantly loosened, and the preferential is not small, but because several models are naturally aspirated engine, so it can not enjoy the national small cars half purchase tax preferential policies. This period we inquire about the current mainstream compact SUV preferential prices, combined with the reputation of Sohu survey of users, and drive edit comments, show Car Buying for your reference. Sohu car reputation survey are nine aspects of the appearance of the vehicle, interior, space, power, control, fuel consumption, comfort, price and customer service of pre-sales scoring and evaluation, out of 5 points, all of the real score from Car Buying users. Dongfeng Honda CR-V has 2.0L and 2.4L displacement of the two, all, CVT, the store has 2.6-3.2 million yuan discount, the discount rate is not small, the terminal price is 153 thousand and 800 yuan, for the compact SUV a hot, full of temptation. Sohu of users of the CR-V word-of-mouth comment is, the performance of space value CR-V, while the interior score is relatively weak, why not buy this kind of SUV consumers to buy the price close to the Audi Q3, because CR-V is more space, more suitable for just married families, and seemingly individuality, the hierarchical design of the console. Did not get the recognition of users. Precise control, variable transmission brings low fuel consumption, beautiful appearance is the favorite place CR-V owners. Edit comment: since 2004 in the domestic market, CR-V became the first cumulative sales of more than one million SUV models, make it become the Dongfeng Honda’s rising star, and in July of this year is to obtain the SUV joint venture sales first, is worthy of the founder of Chinese city SUV. CR-V in addition to the shape of more dynamic fashion, configuration and details are very impressive, sometimes you have to admire the Honda designers in the palm " " the small area design so rich and practical. For its owner, everything is comfortable and easy to drive, which has not let us down. Overall, the new CR-V is a very good performance of the overall model, it will not make public, but definitely intimate enough, which is the vast majority of Chinese consumers need. The FAW TOYOTA RAV4 glory put 2.0L and 2.5L displacement of the two models, the former, CVT CVT, the latter is 6 speed tiptronic transmission, store discount is 20 thousand yuan, the price is slightly higher than the CR-V terminal point is 159 thousand and 800 yuan, the price is also attractive. Sohu users to RAV4 Rong put a comprehensive score in the four highest in the car, the highest and lowest RAV4 Rong put相关的主题文章: