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Du cents: carry out the spirit of the speech of General Secretary Xi   strengthening the party building work of state owned enterprise — Hunan channel — people.com.cn Du cents chaired a provincial meeting of leading cadres important speech to convey and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping in the national state-owned enterprise party construction work conference spirit Xu Dazhe Li Weiwei attended the October 13th afternoon, the provincial Party Secretary Du Jiahao chaired the provincial Party leading cadres meeting to convey the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in the national state-owned enterprises party construction work meeting, study the deployment of the province to implement the advice. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Xu Dazhe, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Li Weiwei attended. Chen Xiangqun, provincial leaders Xu Yousheng, Yi Lianhong, Zhang Wenxiong, Fu Kui, Huang Yuejin, Huang Guanchun, Huang Lanxiang, Chen Junwen, Cai Zhenhong, Liu Lianyu, Wang Xiaoqin, Ouyang Bin, Ge Hongyuan, Yuan Xinhua, Liu Jianxin, Guo Jishan, Kang Weimin, President of the Provincial Higher People’s court of Hunan Armed Police Corps political commissar Jiang Jianyu attended the meeting. Du cents stressed the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, from upholding and developing socialism China, consolidating the ruling foundation of the party’s ruling status, put forward a series of new ideas and new theses new requirements for the deployment of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises positioning and development of state-owned enterprises, the construction of the party, has a strong ideological political, strategic, and guidance, targeted to guide us to strengthen and improve the programmatic document of the party building of state owned enterprises under the new situation, is to promote the political mobilization of the party building of state owned enterprises. The province’s departments at all levels should actively thinking and action to the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech and the Central Committee on strengthening and improving the party building work of state owned enterprise decision-making arrangements, grasp the essence of spirit, grasp the profound connotation of learning and thinking, practice, enlightenment into the brain and heart, firmly grasp the work of the province’s state-owned enterprise party construction. Du cents stressed that we must firmly adhere to the Party leadership of the state-owned enterprises is not shaken. To adhere to the problem oriented, for the party construction work in state-owned enterprises in our province is weakening, desalination, emptiness, marginalization, and play the core of leadership and political core role, earnestly implement the party’s political party tube responsibility. Party organizations in state-owned enterprises should be in accordance with the requirements of the direction, the overall situation, to ensure the implementation of the requirements, adhere to the party’s leadership, strengthen the party’s construction throughout the deepening of SOE reform, to ensure the correct direction of SOE reform. To strengthen the leadership of the party and improve corporate governance, promote the integration of Party building work and the production and operation of state-owned enterprises, and promote the effectiveness of Party building into the advantages of the development of state-owned enterprises. To strengthen the leadership of state-owned enterprises and personnel team construction and management, adhere to strict management and care for the combination of guide and urge them to be loyal to the party, and innovation, corporate governance, enterprise for honest, well. Du cents stressed that it is essential to strengthen the party building work of grassroots foundation, to ensure the full implementation of strict landing in state-owned enterprises. The enterprise party building in a more prominent position, and lay a solid foundation, make up the short board, to consolidate the position, fighting force to ensure the construction of enterprise development, where the party will follow up to where the Party branch, is reflected in where. Provincial Party committees at all levels should take the lead,相关的主题文章: