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Software If you have implemented Microsoft Great Plains in your organization and now facing some technical issues, especially when you are trying to close your first month of operations in General Ledger, Sales Tax, Inventory valuation and stock count chances are high that you need external technical expertise. Similar situation is when you are taking controller position in the company and feel that you are starting from scratch in your Sales, Purchasing and Accounting departments. Dynamics is pretty complex ERP system and you should expect certain expenses and support budget you are not the first and you are not the last. In this small publication we would like to come through typical issues and fixes as well as support sources: 1.Microsoft Business Solutions annual support plan. It is historically also known as annual enhancement program. In order to get discounted of advanced support, your organization should be current in the plan. In order to understand is you are current or not, please call MBS directly or your Great Plains VAR, if you know who these people are. If you are not in the current support plan, then you can still get support from MBS, typically at higher price per case. Another option, and it is common when you are on old version you should seek help from your functional or technical consultant. Please, note if you are lapsed in annual support plan, you will not have access to new version registration key, which will place on hold your plans to undergo version update 2.Support topics. If you are new to the user interface, likely you will need introduction to transactions entering, saving them in the batch, approving batches for posting, voiding open and historical documents, creating new master records, such as customer, vendor, GL account, employee, salesperson, bill of material, inventory item, assembly, etc. 3.Closing first month. Typically here you are facing challenges, related to data migration and conversion. Things should go smooth with the future months, but the first month may force you come through some decision making, Sales Tax estimation letter for example 4.Custom modules programming, implementation and support. Modification is typically done in Dexterity. ISV add-on modules are also in general Dex applications. Usually your concern is to have the procedure to install User Workstation with required third party modules. Custom data repair should be either entrusted to ISV partner or done internally by trained IT professional on Microsoft SQL Server update statement level About the Author: 相关的主题文章: