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Why Android Application Development Is Gaining So Much Popularity? By: Ecosmob | Aug 19th 2015 – Android application development is reaching new peaks in the mobile application development industry. The open source nature and availability of SDKs in android, makes it popular among developers. The android apps are also much popular and successful because of the massive increase in the Android user-base. Tags: Pbx Solution Enriches Hospitals With Advanced Features Cost-effectively By: Ecosmob | Aug 11th 2015 – Hospitals need to operate 24*7 to provide ongoing support to the patients. The doctors need to be on alert mode to serve the patients anytime the need arises. They also need to .municate with the staff for various reasons. This requirement of ongoing .munication can be catered by the modern PBX solution. The PBX solutio … Tags: Foip Software: A Consummate, Secure, Enterprise Faxing Solution By: Ecosmob | Aug 4th 2015 – Any business faces .petition and pressure to improve employee and process productivity, and to reduce operational costs. The FoIP solution can ensure integration and automation of fax and document distribution with your existing business applications. It offers immense benefits to any enterprises. Tags: Top 5 Business Scenarios When You Should Hire An Open Source Consultant? By: Ecosmob | Jul 28th 2015 – Open source consulting services often bring the new opportunities to an enterprise. It .es with the expert services and mentoring, which not only help you to satisfy your clients, but also improve your portfolio remarkably. There are top 5 .mon business cases when a .pany should hire an open source consultant to boost … Tags: How To Get Success In Ios Application Development Business? By: Ecosmob | Jul 22nd 2015 – As the popularity of iOS devices are growing, the business of iOS application development has grown remarkably. To get success as an iOS apps development .pany, several parameters need to get adhere by the .pany. Let’s explore a few standard practices and tips in detail to achieve success in the iOS app development busi … Tags: Top 5 Voip Solutions To Consolidate Business .munication Cost-effectively By: Ecosmob | Jul 15th 2015 – .munication is a basic need of any business. Each .pany has to make sure to give the best tools for efficient and cost-effective .munication. The VoIP technology offers top five tools, which satisfy the .municate requirement of any sized business. Tags: Modern Contact Center Software To Improve Productivity Of Call Center Resources By: Ecosmob | Jul 9th 2015 – Today’s contact center software .es with the abundant features which provides an ample tool to use the skills of the call center agents and other staff in a best possible way. With its myriad benefits, it helps the call centers to put their best foot forward to improve the client satisfaction for any size or type of the c … Tags: Mobile Application Development: Success Points To Be Considered By: Ecosmob | Jun 30th 2015 – Mobile application development is a growing industry. More and more consumers are buying various mobile devices which attracts many .panies in the mobile apps development business. Before developing any application, one must consider a few crucial points to ensure the app success. Tags: Fax Server, Less A Luxury, More A Necessity For Any Business By: Ecosmob | Jun 24th 2015 – Fax server has a plethora of benefits which can leverage business of any size, including small corporate house to a big MNC .pany. It reduces the operational cost and improves ROI with its digital and cost-effective nature. Tags: How Multi-tenant Pbx Solution Can Be Helpful To Pbx Service Providers? By: Ecosmob | Jun 4th 2015 – Tailored with robust features for the end users, Multi-tenant PBX solution is very beneficial to tele. service providers. It is a cost effective and easy to use solution that allows providers to make their customers happy and hold them. Tags: Open Source Consulting Service Really Makes Difference To Enterprises By: Ecosmob | May 21st 2015 – Open Source Consulting service is helpful to streamline your business needs regarding the open source project. It is the reliable, stable and scalable service that helps in deploying, integration, strategizing, analyzing and optimizing the entire project. By solving the key challenges, it makes a great difference to the ent … Tags: Significance And Prospect Of Ip Pbx In Unifying And Developing Business By: Ecosmob | May 11th 2015 – IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) software unifies .munication and integrates the exchange of information and data in a user friendly, secure and reliable way. It is essential in this fast growing globalized working environment and is an essential part of future development and growth of the business. Tags: Enhance Customer Experience Through Call Centre Software By: Ecosmob | Apr 28th 2015 – Most of the .panies that are extending their services in the tele.munication industry are .peting to survive in the market. Tags: The Challenges Faced While Developing Mobile Applications By: Ecosmob | Apr 19th 2015 – Mobile application development consist of creating different applications for handheld devices like the mobile phones, personal digital assistance and enterprise digital assistants; through which the user can perform some functions or task included in the software. Tags: Educational Institutions Connect Faster Through Voice Broadcasting Software By: Ecosmob | Apr 6th 2015 – Voice Broadcasting Software uses the advanced, but user-friendly .munication technology that can be used to send recorded voice messages, notification, examination and meeting alerts to thousands of students and parents simultaneously in educational institutions. Tags: Class 4 Softswitch Solution "�" Proficient And Ideal Solution For Tele. Need By: Ecosmob | Mar 30th 2015 – Class 4 SoftSWITCH solution is designed to deliver expert and exceptional service. It is highly scalable, secure, reliable and flexible software that enables effective scaling of voice services. The solution is very easy to use, handle and manage. Tags: New Age .munication Through Web Conferencing By: Ecosmob | Mar 27th 2015 – Web conferencing has .e a long way and despite the revolutionary connections via Whatsapp and Facebook "�" web conferencing is definitely not out of the scene yet. The global connections are made more cost effective and instant .munication is made possible because of this gift of technology. Tags: Transform Your Small Business Into A Lucrative One – Use Ip Pbx Software By: Ecosmob | Mar 22nd 2015 – IP PBX solution provides the PBX (Private Branching Exchange) functionality over the "��Internet Protocol"�� (IP). The latest IP PBX through the VoIP gateway facilitates audio, video and instant messaging .munication. Tags: Call Center Solution Has Modernized The Traditional Call Centers By: Ecosmob | Mar 16th 2015 – Reliable, secure and scalable Call Center Solution has evolved the old traditional customer support centers by exhibiting well developed technical expertise. The solution is widely used in many business verticals due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of operation. Tags: Meet Cost Effectively Through Voice Conferencing Software By: Ecosmob | Mar 13th 2015 – Audio conferencing is more convenient and cost effective. Its saves the time of travelling and also gives you the option of scheduling a meeting or conference anytime by only planning the agenda well ahead of time. Tags: How Healthcare Industry Benefits From Call Broadcasting Solution By: Ecosmob | Mar 11th 2015 – Enriched with advanced features, the call broadcasting solution has augmented the .munication process of healthcare industry. By enabling the reduction of usage of time and manpower, it ensures the flawless .munication and satisfied patient relationship in a healthcare business. Tags: Ivr Solution Gives The Banking Industry A Healthy Boost By: Ecosmob | Mar 2nd 2015 – IVR Solution is secure, reliable, flexible and easy-to-use software that helps in maintaining the loyal customer relations with your bank. It can give a healthy boost to the banking industry by eliminating the human interaction and thereby reducing the cost. Tags: Voice Conferencing Solution Has Made The Multinational Business Easier By: Ecosmob | Feb 16th 2015 – Voice conferencing solutions are a great help to your multinational business as it lessens the travel costs and your corporate carbon footprints. It allows you to get connected to your endless number of employees present at far distance from one another. Tags: How Pbx Software Solves The Problem Of Costing In Your Business By: Ecosmob | Feb 11th 2015 – Amalgamated with advanced features and easy-to-use PBX solution handles the entire .munication of your business. It is very cost-effective, hence solves the problem of costing in your business and helps you grow your business uninterruptedly. Tags: Did Router Solution- Lifeline For The Small Businesses By: Ecosmob | Feb 9th 2015 – Direct Inward Dialing Solution is the technically sound software which is best suited for the small scaled businesses. It routes calls to predefined destination and efficiently handles the traffic. Tags: Class 5 Softswitches : The Best End User Utility For Your Business By: Ecosmob | Feb 4th 2015 – Class 5 softswitches are used to provide connectivity between end users and various end user terminals such as IP Phones. Simply put, the different end user devices that make VoIP calls possible are termed as class 5 softswitches. Tags: Class 4 Softswitch: An Effective Tele. Carrier Tool By: Ecosmob | Jan 26th 2015 – A class 4 softswitch plays the role of a media gateway between the and outgoing data streams and the long distance trunk lines. They are scalable, trustworthy and largely secure. Tags: Webrtc Client Solution: A Revolution In The Voip Market By: Ecosmob | Jan 20th 2015 – WebRTC Client solution is one of the safest ways to connect users across the world. There are a few key elements that make this solution flexible, scalable and reliable. In this article, we will be discussing the functionality of this cost-effective solution. Tags: Know How Sbc Solution Is Advantageous To All Enterprises By: Ecosmob | Jan 8th 2015 – Deploying an SBC solution allows enterprise network to enhance safely. The solution is built-in firewall secures users from vulnerable DDOS/DOS attacks. In this article, we will be discussing how session border controller is beneficial to all sized businesses. Tags: Web Conferencing For The Healthcare Arena By: Ecosmob | Dec 25th 2014 – An extensive study of the Pharma sector across the globe has indicated that the .panies that made extensive use of web conferencing in its many forms such as audio, video or data are recording a better performance. Healthcare and Pharma .panies are leveraging their .munication by getting many benefits from web confere … Tags: Ivr Solution, Widening The Functional Horizons For The Users By: Ecosmob | Dec 22nd 2014 – Interactive Voice Response – IVR systems make your business sound like a great professional set up! This solution helps empower any industry. Financial, banking, education institutes, healthcare departments prefer to opt for a multilevel IVR solution as it is quick, affordable, robust and effective. Tags: Take Your Small Sized Business Global With Pbx (private Branch Exchange) Systems By: Ecosmob | Dec 3rd 2014 – Many .panies are adopting PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems to make remote .munication streamlined, effective, easy and varied for users to access! In this article we will be discussing a pivotal role of private exchange systems in the industries. Tags: Video Conferencing Software "�" An Expert Way To Choose Right Employees By: Ecosmob | Nov 24th 2014 – Luckily, with today’s advent of advanced tech-savvy software and solutions like conferencing, collaboration is even possible remotely! Being able to experience real-time interviews, employ right candidates, video-conferencing software delivers various other benefits that you might not have explored. Tags: Call Center Software Enriching Better Customer Experience By: Ecosmob | Nov 17th 2014 – Today all sized businesses are turning to the use of call center software for several reasons. Contact center software gives your clients everything they need to .municate with, without the hefty ongoing and upfront costs. Tags: Direct Inward Dialing Router Solution By: Ecosmob | Nov 11th 2014 – Direct Inward dialing is a widespread term used in the western countries and now it has started escalating its roots in India too. In a layman language, it is a telephone service which is provided by the local telephone .pany. Tags: Deploy An Ideal Virtual Fax Server Into Front-office, Back-office And Desktop Applications By: Ecosmob | Oct 29th 2014 – Today’s advanced virtual fax servers are developed to help evaluate enterprise requirements and develop a base of criteria for choosing an ideal fax server application! Using virtual fax server or FoIP solution, enterprises can reduce ongoing costs and boost staff productivity. Tags: Banks Can Leverage Ivr System Or Solution To Avail Vivid Benefits By: Ecosmob | Oct 26th 2014 – IVR "�" interactive voice response is a technology which automates interactions with agents. Many IVR solutions have been developed to ensure customers are accessing the financial processes to achieve a higher level of satisfaction. Much of this uplift is the out.e of 21st century IVR systems, as well as customization off … Tags: Unfold Everything About Class 5 Softswitch Solution By: Ecosmob | Oct 7th 2014 – Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch solution is a great way of connecting calls from one part of the globe to another with the help of the internet. Users can also get additional add-ons to this softswitch. It provides tele. services to residential clients. Tags: Ios Application Development Brings More Fun, Business And Profit Around The Corner By: Ecosmob | Sep 23rd 2014 – Presently the markets of iOS are experiencing a boom of popularity. In this article we will be discussing various elements revolving around the iPhone, iPad or iOS application development, which is second to none! Read this article to know the iOS app factors. Tags: Asterisks Services And Business Solutions By: asteriskdeveloper | Jul 2nd 2013 – Ecosmob works on a highly client-centric business delivery model and hires a team of expert engineers who can help enhance value to our various services. Tags: 相关的主题文章: