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Eight kinds of fancy running method to help you lose weight ladder type intermittent training heard not – Sohu Sports 1, ladder type intermittent training ladder type intermittent training way can let you in the process of starting each in new challenges, increasing with ladder type training in the way of strength, such as running 200 meters, 300 meters, rest. Rest, rest 400 meters. Can continue to add new challenges to your training. In the rest time can be sufficient rest, can also be a walk or jog. Rest time to master according to the intensity of training to develop. 2 Tabata training and Tabata training method can effectively improve the running speed or assist the reduction, the first full sprint for 20 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds, a total of 8 times, you can choose to practice on the ground, slope or ladder. Because Tabata tend to fully complete, ATP and creatine soon exhausted, the next step is to anaerobic metabolism, in second minutes, lactate threshold soon, that feeling is too beautiful, is not suitable for novice exercise. 3, mountain road training through the slow climb combined with intermittent short distance running, can meet the aerobic exercise, cardiopulmonary exercise, leg muscle strength and enhance the psychological toughness. Looking for a beautiful scenery contains several small hills, steep slope, bending and S a few road running route is to relax, the best choice for running fitness.相关的主题文章: