[eleven] holidays do not go out to add up, at home with the kids to do hamburgers – Sohu eat and dri mmc.exe

[eleven] holidays do not go out to add up, at home with the kids to do hamburgers – Sohu do not know if you eat McDonald’s black and white with a hamburger? I did not buy, but see later by his appearance to attract to yourself to try, so I do it with black and white version of the bamboo carbon powder, white models had two of the results are not very good, or a little color, so I this is strictly black and yellow with kazakhstan! Would like to see it, and so I do a good job in the white section of a black and white again with Kazakhstan, please look forward to it! I used to feed Orlean after fried pickled chicken bone, also put the fried egg and bread with lettuce, black is part of the bamboo carbon powder, I use two colors of lettuce, black with green lettuce, purple white hamburger with lettuce, cheese slices because the house is not, so I he squeezed some salad sauce, taste really good, each with one chicken burger, absolutely genuine, but they used oil is also assured, who knows how many times the oil store is? Even if they do not Baba Mama bread also never mind, can be used to buy hamburger fried chicken Pizi, he is also very good. At home, called the children to participate in the operation, the way the game is also a parent! The required ingredients: ingredients; high gluten flour 300 grams 200 grams of milk accessories: 30 grams of sugar butter 20 Ke Nai 4 grams of salt 2 grams of sugar yeast bamboo carbon powder 2 grams of egg white a little black and white sesame chicken three pieces of purple green lettuce salad sauce marinade bag Orlean 20 grams egg 2 tomatoes in a production process: 1 preparation 2 to 300 grams of flour 200 grams of milk 4 grams of yeast 2 grams of salt 30 grams of sugar into the kitchen machine liner with 3 machine and a cook 1 minutes and then block two and 5 minutes with 4 softening 20 grams of butter and then continue to use block two and 7 minutes to pull out the big piece can knead the film can be. 5 into two equally, one in 2 grams of bamboo carbon powder and knead. 6 will cover the dough to rise for 7 to dry fermentation with a finger poke a hole can not rebound 8 each dough three equally rubbing round and round exhaust cover with a wet cloth to rest for 10 minutes 9 of the dough with Ganmian stick roll flat 10 in Hamburg mold two rounds of two to 11 big head two times can, brush the egg white. 12 wheat flour group spreading black sesame, black and white sesame paste. 13 into the upper tube 170 degrees down the tube in the oven preheated 180 degrees bake for 20 minutes. 14 and when you can put the chicken with grilled wings Orlean boning 15 material 20 grams of chicken and marinate for 1 hours. 16 chicken marinated later put a little oil pan fry. 17 lettuce leaves washed dry water, two egg fried cake cut box (personal love egg and fry), tomatoes cut large, then a section of Hamburg Pizi in half, the ingredients according to their own order which can be caught in love. Tips: fried chicken leg can add water to cover and stew for a while this chicken cooked better and more tender. If you don’t like black.相关的主题文章: