Embarrassed the rich eyes no research is a scientific basis (Bilingual)-darren hayes

Embarrassed: the rich eyes no research is a scientific basis? (Bilingual) rich scientific basis Psychologists have found pride evidence that wealthy people pay less attention to those around them compared to people of lower social status., psychologists have found that, compared with the low social status of the people, rich people attention to people around to be less. The findings back up what many of us have already suspected people don’t view the – rich rest of us as threatening or potentially rewarding, so they basically just ignore us. many of us already feel rich and not to the rest of us as a threat or potential return, so they basically ignore us. But psychologists this discovery confirmed our suspicions. " Across field, lab and, online studies, our research documents that other humans are more likely to capture the attention of lower-class individuals than the attention of higher-class individuals said team leader Pia, " Dietze, from New York University. of the New York University research team leader Diaz said, "she was · we have done field research, laboratory research and online research, research results show that, compared with the high status people pay attention to other people, other people can attract low social status of people’s attention." " Like other cultural groups, social class affects information processing in a pervasive and spontaneous manner." "like other cultural groups, social status in a common and natural way to influence people to information processing." Impo It’s clean相关的主题文章: