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Arts-and-Entertainment Well-rounded Vietnam tours almost always include a trip to one the countrys best shopping places, such as the Dong Xuan, Hang Gai and Hang Hom. As with anything else about the country, swinging by the said markets is not only about buying souvenirs for the friends and folks back home, but also about immersing yourself in the cultural bustle and culinary offerings of this wonderful, wel.ing country. An Exotic Food Trip to Dong Xuan If youre in Hanois Old Quarter (Vietnam tours will always include this on an itinerary), stroll westward and you will stumble upon the Dong Xuan market. The first thing you must know is that Dong Xuan is basically a wholesalers paradisegoods are sold here in bulk, which would be great if youre buying a lot of stuff for your many relatives and friends back home (at bulk prices, you get a lot of savings), but not so if youre just there to sample a few knick-knacks. But the best thing about the Dong Xuan market is the exotic foodanimal meat prepared and cooked in hitherto unheard-of ways is on offer in plentiful supply here. Have you tried worms? How about ducks embryo? Those innocent-looking slices of pork might turn out to be the meat of some animal whose name you cant even pronounce. But as gastronomic adventures go, Dong Xuan is worth the trip. Just try to avoid visiting during lunch (stalls are very busy then) or early afternoon (the stall owners will be taking their siesta or afternoon nap)a nighttime visit is perfect, especially on a weekend. Cai Rang Floating Market The country is famous for its bustling floating markets that dot the Mekong Delta, and what better way to enhance the itinerary of Vietnam tours than a half-days visit to the Cai Rang floating market? A quick caveat, though: the floating market exists only in the morning, from 5am to roughly around midday, so an early start is a mustespecially if you want to board a tour boat, most of which leave before 7am. So what will you find? A rich array of .anic produce, local handicrafts and even cooked food (some boats, called sampans, serve as floating fast-food restaurants in this sense). Ben Thanh Night Market The so-called Ben Thanh night market offers a good side-trip on Vietnam tours, but this one exists only at, naturally, nighttime. At around 6pm every evening, the 100-metre-long street is transformed into a market that is impassable to four-wheeled vehicles. Basically everything is sold here, from designer clothing, to rare trinkets and even the countrys famous street foodsand everything is open to some amount of haggling. In any case, a visit to this market is more about imbibing in the local culture and colour than about buying "stuff". About the Author: 相关的主题文章: