Enjoy a sense of feeling – release new Audi A4L Hwan new listing-66814

Enjoy the fresh sense? Put the new Audi A4L Hwan new listing new Audi A4L   September 10th, in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center Hwan new listing with comprehensive strength and leading from the inside of the new standard, off the market a new round of reform. Tonight, the new Audi A4L released a total of 2 TFSI high and low power version of the 6 models, the price range of $299 thousand and 800 – 412 thousand and 800 yuan. Rich product lineup, fully meet the diverse needs of the car. The new Audi A4L official guidance price models price (yuan) 40 TFSI aggressive 29.9840 TFSI fashion type 33.9840 TFSI fashion type 36.8840 TFSI 37.2845 TFSI Quattro TFSI Quattro fashion type 40.8845 sport 41.28 tab: Phoenix car after 44 years of development, the 9 generation model evolution, Audi A4L series has always been guided by the spirit, inheritance one hundred years of "engineer" spirit of constantly innovation and change of technology and design. Audi A4 has sold 12 million in the world, and in 2003 formally introduced into china. 2009, FAW – Volkswagen Audi officially launched the development of the Chinese market for the depth of the long wheelbase models – Audi A4L, 8 years has become the common choice of more than 700 thousand Chinese users. The company of Audi management board president Professor Sted, think about the future of mobile travel as of 2016 Chinese vision B – class luxury car market the most anticipated models, the new Audi A4L with the trend of aesthetic design, optimization and upgrading of the high power, leading comprehensive intelligent technology, and the luxury of leapfrog, with a technology charm B – class luxury car market. This star models, not only is an important carrier of Audi brand rejuvenation, more comprehensive display of FAW – Volkswagen Audi full value chain localization of the latest results. Its launch, marking the FAW – Volkswagen Audi domestic models began a new round of product upgrades, technological upgrading and competitiveness. FAW – Volkswagen Audi Sales Department deputy general manager Mr. Jing said the youth, "the new Audi A4L based on inheriting all the good qualities of the advanced models, also broke through the boundaries of the vehicle level, a new height of hitherto unknown reached in the luxury quality and intelligent technology, set a new standard for luxury B the car market, a vivid interpretation of the connotation of" creating change. "." The company of Audi marketing and sales director Dr. Feng Derui and the FAW – Volkswagen Audi sales department general manager Mr. Ren Siming dialogue Audi A4L new standard enjoyed the sharp appearance, release the stereo aesthetic trend new Audi A4L using a new design language is very attractive, linear aesthetic trend, showing the automotive design and manufacturing process of fresh air still, a series of gains include "2016 red dot award", "2016 iF Design Award", a number of top international design awards. The utility model relates to a hexagonal air inlet grille with three-dimensional carving sense.相关的主题文章: