Enshi 104 year old sweet love wine away from the hustle and bustle of grief at separation and joy in-onavo protect

Enshi 104 year old sweet love wine is far away from the noisy witness black tiles, white walls, grief at separation and joy in union wooden doors and windows…… Surrounded by mountains, green, a building has the characteristics of the local ethnic residents gathered at the foot of the mountain, with the local beautiful scenery and human landscape each other, constitute a new rural scenery. Here is the country of ginkgo village dam village in Enshi City, a beautiful and pleasant place, is the longevity of the elderly living in Zhang Changlin place now. Here, the 104 year old Zhang Changlin lived with his nephew and niece, and away from the noisy city, in the mountains green water, enjoying the happiness of life in old age not easily won. The longevity of the archives of Zhang Changlin, male, 104 years old, Enshi City ginkgo country village dam village. Living habits: love clove cigarettes daily, 22 wine, sweet, drink water to add sugar. Life attitude: gentle, never angry, witnessed the several generations of dying, indifferently. Also for   so dutiful nephew Zhixi August 15th morning, the reporters came to Bai Guo Ba Cun Xiang Xia Cun, green trees under the cover of the village from afar, partly hidden and partly visible, blue sky, white clouds, green trees, rice paddies, the quiet village like a beautiful watercolor. "Who is it?" When a reporter drove to a residential building in front of a small courtyard in the rear yard, the hillside house came to ask the sound. Before long, Zhang Changlin old man leaning on a stick figure appeared in the slope, eyeful curiously to the yard out. The old man heard shouting, Zhang Changlin’s niece Erxiu walked out from the side of the residents of the building, warmly greeted reporters in a line. Zhang Changlin 104 years old this year, Zhang Qiming and his nephew and niece, Party Erxiu live together now. Although a few years ago, my nephew home built a new house, but the old man still prefer the old one and a half brick tile, insist on living in life for decades huts. "We asked him to come down and say that the new house was much better, but he refused." Party Erxiu said with a smile. A visitor, Zhang Changlin old man finally willing to move down from within the house, greet guests. I saw the old man on crutches, slowly walked down from the hillside, despite the steep ramp difficult, but also did not affect the pace of the elderly, particularly robust, neat pace. Although the old man looked very good, very clean and clean, ruddy health, but before 2004, Zhang chamling old man or old men, lonely life in nursing homes. When do the custody of the   militia work; never negligent originally, old Zhang Changlin is five guarantees, no posterity for his pension. With the increasing age, the elderly gradually lost their ability to work, was sent to the nursing home. "We know the situation of the elderly, thinking about how to say that there are blood relations, since the elderly have no future generations, it should be taken care of by those of us nephew." Party Erxiu said, they will be the elderly home, so living together for more than 10 years. Just to my nephew home, Zhang Changlin old man’s body is not very good, people are particularly constrained. However, in his nephew and niece, the care of the elderly).相关的主题文章: