Entrepreneurship is now the golden age of artificial intelligence! Li Kaifu AI scientists with B2B b shishangqiyi

Entrepreneurship is now the golden age of artificial intelligence! Li Kaifu: AI scientists and B2B business the most opportunity – Sohu science and technology development trends will go where many people are concerned about the Innovation workshop chairman and chief CEO Li Kaifu think. 2, Li Kaifu was invited to attend the fourteenth session of the Chinese leadership "vision summit" published on the future of science and technology view, once again stressed the importance of AI artificial intelligence, 10 years after that, only need 5 seconds to make a decision "assistant", such as customer service, maintenance, there will be 90% of the work is replaced, the world will be AI subversion. Li Kaifu admits that in the past too early into the AI, "now is the golden period of entrepreneurship" Li Kaifu first pointed out that "now is the business AI the golden age", with innovative workshops, developed AI exclusive investment plan, there are currently 50% investment are locked in the field of AI, China and America add up to more than 25 cases, the amount of more than 100 million dollars. The future innovation works will become the AI workshop, will help scientists new team work in artificial intelligence field, build AI incubator. Have an optimistic view of the development of artificial intelligence, Li Kaifu unmanned technology, like Google unmanned vehicle has been running for 2 million miles, autopilot Tesla also accumulated two hundred million miles of data, these are not human beings can create figures. Coupled with the past 10 years, deep learning to break through the limitations of artificial intelligence technology, including pictures, voice recognition capabilities, the machine has gone beyond the human. When the data is enough, we do not need to save, do not need customer service." Because these works mostly need to look at the face and simple dialogue, but artificial intelligence has been in the face recognition technology has greatly improved, even can understand human eyes, mouth and simple dialogue, so if the contents of the work, do not need too much complicated thinking, nature will soon be replaced by AI computer business lack most two kinds of people, Li Kaifu AI B2B: Scientists and business Li Kaifu that we missed the past things development boom, this time can not miss the artificial intelligence. He pointed out that the AI business most in need of two kinds of people: one is "AI scientists", although it is not easy for most people, but another job "B2B business is also very important, because most of the AI company is not the products will be sold directly to consumers, but to help factories, sharing economy firms with labour the machine, with the two talents, have the opportunity to seize the initiative. As for what the company can catch the wave of artificial intelligence to, Li Kaifu believes that the biggest advantage in the "network company", whether it is a search engine to find information, in order to buy things shopping website, are virtually the most accumulated data. But he also reminded the outside world, AI application is currently confined to the closed field, but also can not be like human common sense, so the banking sector, the insurance industry is still a good opportunity to transition. "AI is not perfect, we should use different ideas to相关的主题文章: