European and American homes look forward to and fear of Ninja

Europe and the United States and the house of fear and fear of Ninja weapons like Chinese Kung Fu, like the Japanese ninja in the world have a reputation. Although people always beautify those dreams, the history of the ninja in addition to a few a little known outside, others are unknown, but the Japanese ninja is still fascinating. Recently, foreign media picked out the 10 Japanese ninjas they were very interested in. First, the poison so that the target through the diet of food containing highly toxic, or on the weapon smear. It is usually done by collecting wild herbs or mushrooms, or grinding some stones. Heard that they can be applied to the wound offdisease shit. Two, 000 or Lisuo lock copper, Lisuo million is a traditional Japanese martial, form a chain at each end of a ball type hammer, similar Chinese weapon meteor hammer. Usage and another kind of Japanese traditional weapons kusarigama similar, a plane can fly throwing the hammer hit the opponent, on the other hand can also use chains to contain bound opponent or his weapon, attack and capture function, belonging to the technique and strength of both arms. Three, although most love with sickle Ninja ninja sword, but as with good kamaya Ninja like, usually with key shaped blade and sticks together as long as weapons. Four, the cat hand with horror movie "ghost Street" series of Freddy like steel claw, compared with love looks like women endure, if in the front paws covered with poison will strengthen. Five, blind bomb (mesh collapse.) used as auxiliary weapons to destroy each other’s vision, general is Ninja recipes weapon, the pepper, sand, sheet metal mixed in devices like the egg inside the shell. Throw out after the meeting to abolish the human bomb. One of the unique special weapon, six Japanese kusarigama ancient martial arts, its function of length intermateable (chains), soft hard (sickle) one. Range of attack and take into account the distance, the use of the need for higher training skills, otherwise difficult to freely control. General is bound to the other side after the chopped weapon. In addition, no angle hands, in the hands of the sword, expelled the 4 common in anime Ninja weapons. Expelled in addition to outside "can also be used with a secret arrow, water escape operation in the water" (Penguin mother: is to pipe in the water breathing, body sink in the water.) Usually, like to play flute music. The hands of the sword and no can be used as a throwing weapon, but no can also be used as a melee dagger. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: