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The European tour of Dubai world tour leader Stenson low white tiger bar 72- sports Sohu Beijing time on November 18th, the total prize money of up to $8 million Golf European Tour Finals finale DP Dubai World Championship tour in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Zhu Mei Golf manor into the first game for the day. White tiger Lee Westwood again proved that he is suitable for the occasions, he played a score of 66, ranking the first single. The British won the game in 2009, and in the past ten years, the first major events in the top three in the top nine. One of the second masters of the United States this year, made it, but also to help him at the time of the Dubai competition list of the top second. If you can win this week, he is expected to enter the top five at the end of the year. 43 year old Lee Westwood is chasing twenty-fourth European Tour title on their own, this round of matches he played 7 bird 1 bogey play, Par 6, Par 1 ahead of Belgium’s Niklas – Cole saltes and Julian Nyquist in france. Followed by Holland and Italy road – uthe I Francesco Molina, Spain’s Sergio Garcia, their scores are lower than the par 4. Henrik steensen with 299675 points ahead of the second place Danny Willett advantage into the first round this week, he only shot 72 par, ranked tied for thirty-third. Alex Nolen still have a chance to win the championship of the Dubai game, his performance is lower than the Par 1, others have the opportunity to get the championship — such as Rory McElroy, shot 75, ranked tied for fifty-fifth. "I played very well in the last few days and I found a couple of keys in the different parts of my game. I’ve been working hard and everything is going on today." Lee Westwood said, "66 bar is a good figure, it looks very easy, sometimes you feel that there are many opportunities to catch the bird ball, but today I think it is quite a stiff test, but I control." Li Haotong played 74 shots higher than the standard par of 2, tied for the top fiftieth. (Alse)相关的主题文章: