Experts talk about Trump’s ruling Objective the three major issues of internal affairs is the focus k9084

Experts talk about the Trump ruling goal: three internal affairs is the focus of the Sohu news in most "good Hilary" anticipation, professor and Dean of Jinan University Institute of coastal map chi chen rule began to firmly believe that Trump will beat Hilary from March this year, which attracted all kinds of controversy. "Our position is clear and controversial." Co-author of "prediction, theory and practice" in international relations, a Book of Chen Dingding this outspoken, told the surging news () interview, Chen Dingding chat divides the United States and Trump’s future, he believes that the United States has differentiation and cracks, but really split in the short term will not; he has made expected: Trump, two president no problem. Scientific prediction is logical + data after Trump appeared public opinion has been high. Oriental IC data surging news: first of all, please introduce the President Chen, how do you use the "social science prediction study" to successfully judge Trump to win the election? Chen Dingding Trump: after the emergence of public opinion has been very high, the Republican party primaries, the turning point is that Trump won the North Carolina state, North Carolina is a very conservative state, many blacks at that time, Trump published many discriminatory language. It was a sign that he was able to win the North Carolina, so I thought it would be okay for him to be in the party. And I think he can beat Hilary, the main reason has 4 points: the anti globalization trend of the times, "mouth" election strategy and use of social software to his voters, Hilary’s personal burden of history and folk emotion, especially the lower labor people of the United States and xenophobic anger. This logic has not changed. At the same time, the poll is also very important, if there is no escape from the polls only logic. Prediction is a kind of science, and science must have logic and data. Before November 9th, (Trump can win) is a hypothesis, behind the data and logic. Trump may lose that day, but it has nothing to do with science. Science is not to say that the assumption of a certain right, science is just a method of analysis, (assuming) right and wrong are not related, because the method and logic of the argument is scientific, wrong also know where the wrong. Now we all know that underestimated his poll data, many people because of the "political correctness" dare not tell the truth, but in fact, we all know that, but did not attach importance to. The United States has split and cracks in the short term will not really split California voters concerned about the election results. Visual Chinese figure surging news: according to your observation, the United States from all walks of life on the election of Trump how to respond? Chen Dingding: (politicians) to adjust quickly, less than 3 days a lot of people have adjusted. In fact, they are not acting, and Trump what hatred, they had good relations. Election is acting, acting to whom? To the voters. Before Trump and Hilary both put relentless, now is not very good. They used to be friends. Hilary and his wife would come to Trump’s wedding. So the election of the language, do not.相关的主题文章: