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Feelings still? NOKIA Geekbench exposure 13.8 inches NOKIA new decline marvel, as in the NOKIA era of the brand has accumulated a large number of loyalty is very high group of fans, so even after years of NOKIA It is all up with today, there are still some fans silently pay close attention to the dynamic of this brand, never forget is also a kind of feelings, of course a small part, is also one of the. The NOKIA N1 tablet is undoubtedly a good news, fans of the rise of NOKIA are full of longing, but in fact, this is only the fans "illusion", two years later, no one remembers NOKIA have also launched Android tablet, no one remember the NOKIA N1 tablet is preferred in apple the first equipped with Type-C interface equipment. However, according to the Geekbench broke the news, NOKIA seems to have prepared another screen size to 13.8 inches, which is obviously not the mobile phone, probably is a follow-up to the NOKIA N1 tablet, the resolution of 1920× 1080, Qualcomm snapdragon 430 processor, RAM + 3GB 16GB ROM, and the front 8 million rear 16 million pixel camera. Don’t know how you feel when you see the news? Is it happy or numb? May wish to share your real ideas and small.相关的主题文章: