Fierce! Apple Store less than a minute stolen 19 iPhone no use safety rope-magicq

Fierce! The apple store in less than a minute stolen 19 iPhone: safety rope not used recently in Massachusetts Natick an apple retail store was a gang of Thieves "patronize", a total of 19 sets of iPhone $13000 take wings to itself. According to local police, it can be determined that there are a total of 7 people in this group, the identity can not be confirmed for the time being, but the gang is suspected to be composed of young people (male and female). A police spokesman pointed out that the group of people entered the apple retail store without a license and stole the goods in the shop. A video display, the gang stealing is organized in a planned way. The video shows these thieves wearing a hoodie, and in the evening around 7:15 to enter the apple store, then a group of people gathered in the iPhone table, less than a minute, the thieves will safety rope 19 iPhone removed, and fled. It is worth mentioning that Apple recently began to adjust retail stores. Part of the apple store in the iPhone display machine safety rope has been removed, I believe not long, the global retail stores will follow up the adjustment of apple. Apple plans to remove the safety rope to improve the user’s shopping experience, I do not know how to see the theft of Apple retail store executives will feel.相关的主题文章: