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Fine fashion favorite T-shirt that you wear is Master Intro: previously, mom always buy a T-shirt for their children, because the winter warm enough. But in school wear uniforms and a super not harmonious and let the children feel a burst of soil! For now, those are just young and ignorant of the idea, because now the turtleneck real fire! (content source: Sina fashion) the fashionable person wearing a turtleneck wearing a turtleneck so hot this year velvet, don’t forget to combine turtleneck style, from cosmic bloggers with even appreciated ~ ~ velvet turtleneck chiffon shirt and cotton t-shirts are worn with a high collar style, each kind of beauty. Chiffon shirt and cotton T-shirt collar in addition to the common collar buckle, falbala collarband is very young, very new. Falbala collarband handsome and retro styles zipper zipper style that see here is a baby do not dare to wear, after all, the length of the neck is too high to test. The neck is comparable to the swan neck baby certainly ease. The neck of the baby is really awkward, modified neck is gone. A turtleneck sweater, don’t be discouraged, it is still able to. As long as when choosing a collar, a short neck collar or baby want to miss this wave tide, do not choose to wrap the entire neck turtleneck style. Choose a little a little low collar, can show the neck skin, will not be "no neck" ~ slightly a little lower collar exposed neck skin so all-match turtleneck, how to wear good-looking? Quickly look fine the fashionable collocation Look~~ turtleneck worn alone in the cool autumn time. Try wearing a single high collar, both suitable and fashionable. Slim knitting nine collocation turtleneck jeans, the figure is very significant, and on the same color depth color collocation + white shoe is very comfortable. A turtleneck sweater sleeves sweater sleeves collocation nine jeans and leather shoes, nice turtleneck sweater sleeves knock ~ body and small plump belly baby may choose such a loose sweater styles. Loose style straps sling style + turtleneck in autumn, and a pair of braces (suspenders turtleneck style skirts) would suit. A grey cotton long sleeved shirt + black gray overalls super comfortable collocation up, with a small top hat, a small package, to fashion cred. A grey cotton long sleeved shirt the same grey black and white collocation is seductive and a white turtleneck + black suspenders skirt + boots + grey grey bag combination. White turtleneck foot shoes orange just lit a blue turtleneck and Black Velvet Body Sling Dress Fashion collocation. A blue velvet coat coat essential + high necked in autumn and winter coat coat a turtleneck, really very handsome. Small KK Street recently is white long coat collocation black turtleneck sweater, handsome to no sei! Grey T-shirt + black leather pants waist short long Beige black turtleneck sweater in the ride, is a combination of the three handsome single product. Another good way in a waist coat is stretched significantly higher.相关的主题文章: