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After India, South Korea after the ant payment service payment company Ascend Money and Thailand signed a strategic cooperation agreement Sina Technology News Site Map November 1st morning news, the ant gold clothing signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Thailand’s Ascend Money to pay. Ant gold suit will expand the strategic investment in Ascend Money, and through the output technology and experience to copy the payment model to Thailand, the next 5 years is expected to serve more than half of the Internet users in Thailand. According to the strategic cooperation agreement, in addition to the capital level, the two sides will cooperate in product technology, business models, market operations, etc.. Ascend Money will refer to the Ant King of the business model, expand the line of payment, small loans and other application service scenarios. At the same time, Ascend Money will access the Alipay global global payment payment system. Why is Ascend Money? Data show that at present, Thailand’s online banking accounted for less than 20%; Thailand online shopping consumption, 75% payment is still using the "cash on delivery" and "counter payment, online banking, electronic wallet and other online payment accounted for only about 10%, the economy in Southeast Asia to Thailand, the electronic pay a huge market potential. Media reports show that in October 11th of this year, Thailand’s prime minister Pakistan education and chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma met, especially on the topic of cashless payment community to explore. Ma Yun said that Alibaba will use its own technology and experience to help Thailand to complete e-commerce, building a cashless society to help SMEs and entrepreneurs. As of today, less than a month, ant Gold Service announced the strategic investment in Ascend Money. Public data shows, Ascend Money for Thailand Zhengda Group companies, True Money and Ascend Nano respectively with two licensed financial services platform. Among them, True Money provides debit card and electronic wallet services; Ascend Nano is positioning micro loans and personal loans platform to Thailand SMEs and users of Internet credit services. "Our goal is to copy the model of Alipay to Thailand". Douglas, President of the international service division of the Ant King – Fei said that in the next 5 years, the Ant King and Ascend Money teamed up to create an electronic wallet, you can serve more than half of Internet users in Thailand. The payment service overseas users nearly 200 million of the strategic investment Ascend Money, following the investment in India Paytm shares, after South Korea Internet Bank K-Bank, ant gold suit inclusive financial model output to overseas again. Last year, the ant gold service stake in India’s mobile payment platform Paytm, a year later, Paytm users rose from about 20000000 to 150 million, becoming the world’s top fourth electronic wallet. As of October this year, more than 450 million of the real name of the Ant King services, including overseas users, 40 million相关的主题文章: