For the Beijing property market regulation the bull market to buy or end-running man 20130908

For the Beijing property market regulation: the bull market to buy or end? In Beijing property market: the bull market to buy or end? Tencent real estate news (editor Ye Zhengxin) recently in Beijing for the beginning of the national property market once again set off a storm control, the boom bust, like a long time. The crazy bull market will end? Future buyers who go from here? In October 8th, the "20 city 100 experts in the purchase of the property market broadcast series" the first stop in Beijing, Beijing Railway Station real estate Tencent invited Albert I love my family group brand center director Kong Dan, the first person in Linggang cooperative housing China, Feng Guoliang Feng Guoliang, a real estate channel editor in chief editor Ye Shuli, then storm the capital market, in the property market, buyers asked the future. The following is the essence of live Q & A: 1, Q: Beijing’s regulatory policy on the property market have much impact? Ye: since 2003, the previous regulation, policy focus is to curb the rapid rise, rather than price. Feng Guoliang: the purchase of credit limit to upgrade the impact of leverage on investment is large, the first half of 2014 Beijing property market has had the volume cut, prices dropped significantly. It should be noted that the purchase is not effective, must be combined with the means of credit, if the purchase side, while not reducing the loan, there will be no effect. So, I think the purchase itself is not terrible. 2, Q: Beijing will be introduced around the restriction measures? Ye Shuli: central Beijing property market in particular, on the one hand, in April 1st nine has been on the North County Corridor and the purchase of Guan, on the other hand, the hot city on the list, and there is no central Beijing property market. I personally think that Langfang, Baoding and later Shijiazhuang Beijing hot city, facing the policy to raise the pressure, do not rule out the possibility of follow up. 3, Q: Beijing residential is scarce, the emergence of a lot of the "three quarter" CD, will not be because of this scarcity, the residential market will not easily fall? Feng Guoliang: scarcity is relatively speaking, since last year, Beijing has been the luxury of the fifth ring, ordinary residential is indeed scarce products, and the introduction of the new deal will still have a greater impact on the investment oriented buyers. 4, Q: after the purchase of Beijing, is not to invest in Beijing surrounding property? Ye Shuli: in the long run, you can buy, but in the short term, the market volume will certainly cool. Yu Linggang: Beijing property market, prices of ups and downs very frequently, you want to invest, we must look at. And I think, not only is the two bedroom, three bedroom can be invested, the total price of about two million villas, but also the future investment opportunities. 5, Q: after the purchase of Beijing, the future of the property market? Yu Linggang: Cool year, home prices rose gradually narrowed from the volume and price go back to the steady decline in value, not soon appear substantial price cuts. And this is not the first time the purchase, in 2009 began the first round of purchase, not a few years later, in addition to the North Canton, almost all cities have canceled the purchase. I think, within five years, the purchase will be like the last exit slowly. Because the pros and cons of this policy are too obvious. 6, Q: through the transaction data monitoring, the volume of Beijing during the eleven drop in volume, it can be said that the market has entered a wait-and-see stage? Yu Linggang: now say to wait and see.相关的主题文章: