For the White House Hilary Trump the two old man how to fight zznba

For the White House Hilary Trump the two old man how to fight in the 911 Anniversary after the "heat" down the previous week, Hilary’s trip is this: in September 5th, Hilary launched the campaign plane. Early in the morning, she started from upstate New York to the town of melon Chapa home to reporters briefing on the machine, after about 3 hours of flight, arrived in cleveland. In the election campaign, she appeared with Deputy Kaine on the same stage, and announced her economic employment policy programme. Subsequently, she boarded the plane, after about 3 hours of bumps, arrived in Illinois labor day activities. The swing voters with the election of music, sound and cry of the campaign slogan "Stronger Together"! Hilary with shaking hands, all greetings, self…… In a speech in Cleveland, she repeatedly coughed and stopped to drink, but did not forget to laugh: "whenever I think of Trump, I will be allergic to!" And this is only the 68 year old Democratic presidential candidate, as long as the road for a long time to run for 11 months. According to public information statistics, Sina international observer in the United States in September 5th to only five days, Hilary ran at least 9 cities, conducted a series of interviews with the media in 3, published a book…… And several other public fundraising trip speech. The history of "the old" presidential election on the morning of September 11th, Hilary in New York to attend the 911 Anniversary activity early departure, on the way to walk shaking, unable to stand, finally by the help of the staff. This picture was taken down by the public with a mobile phone to the Internet, and then quickly spread in the media. The campaign team first described it as "heat stroke", and then by private doctors that Hilary had been diagnosed with pneumonia before, and canceled the next few days. Although after a short break, Hilary again appeared in public view, look good, but doubts are not weakened. "Her work is rare. According to her teleprompter to give a speech, and then disappears. I don’t know if she’s home or go to bed. I guess she’s having a lot of rest over the weekend." In an interview with FOX television in August, Trump said that the physical strength of the president on the job is difficult, only from the campaign process can be reflected in the work of Hilary. Hilary then hit back, saying that this is a conspiracy theory Trump concocted. In fact, no matter how two people to show their full of go, Hilary and Trump are seventy years has been the old man. This is a fact that can not be changed – Trump is 70 years old, Hilary will also usher in the October birthday of 69, they have become the United States in the history of the history of the United States presidential election of the top two competitors. Jo Trump is elected, he will become the oldest president of the United states. Previously, the oldest president was sworn in at the age of 69 Ronald · Reagan. The United States presidential election is the longest in the world, the official stage lasted 10 months, coupled with a warm-up period of more than a year and a half. Of course, the first is the election so long made of money, but 5相关的主题文章: