Fraud gang spent hundreds of thousands of experts in psychology please write the script (video) lm3886

Fraud gang spent hundreds of thousands of experts in psychology please write the script of telecommunications fraud group hired Dr. write all kinds of "script" Shanghai anti fraud telecommunications network center platform since six months of trial operation has been cheated to intercept funds more than 8500 yuan. Feedback from the police point of view, cheated within one hour to report the success rate is relatively high interception." Staff explained that in order to achieve effective interception, after being cheated golden hour is critical. The platform test operation, the third party payment has become a major channel of bank card crime help stolen goods, is now the third party payment platform is also included in the work center. The script is compiled according to the fraud professionals of Shanghai anti fraud telecommunications network center staff, the fraud Gang plays are spent a very high price, please those professionals in the psychology of the series, some script value ten." Some time ago, the platform received a public report, said his mother after receiving a phone call, rushed out for a long time did not return, questioned whether she encountered a fraud, then to find near the bank, found that she did go to the bank transfer but without success. Central platform through the technical means to find the woman’s mobile phone for a long time in a state of conversation, and mastered her open room records in the hotel. Police to the hotel and found that she was really room transfer. Platform staff said, now more and more cunning liar, began to trick the victim to the hotel transfer. Take over telecommunications fraud to "divide" meter platform at present, with the city’s 47 small local commercial banks to set up 7 by docking 24 hours. According to the staff, to take over the traditional telecom fraud process is very cumbersome, from alarm to freeze to verified, "day", is very easy to miss the opportunity to intercept. Now, the victim in the call 110, the operator will directly send messages to the center, the police immediately and in the center of the Bank of communications, the first time the query to the suspect account, and the flow of funds quickly check and control, now is the speed of the ". In this process, the three major telecom operators have also played an important role. After receiving the alarm, the police will get information about the fraud and fraud website, and notify the operator to take action. "If someone reports a pseudo base station information, the police will immediately notify the three major telecom operators on the pseudo base station involves URL blocking, then the next person received the pseudo base station information, click on this link will not open, the maximum guarantee citizens from infringement."相关的主题文章: