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Business Short Message Service or SMS has gone a long way when it comes to marketing. Many companies are now using this to introduce their products or services to users. Aside from its effectiveness to deliver messages to personal contacts, the SMS is an easier way to reach out to the target market. With SMS products and services reaches the market and gets response faster, updates are readily available at the tips of their hands, the gadget does not need to be connected to the internet, and reading is easier because SMS is brief therefore direct to the point. With the advancement of technology, lots of people have tight schedules. And a brief SMS or text message introducing a product is convenient for them. Instead of checking for news or updates on their e-mails, mobile phone owners would rather choose a two step activity by clicking open the inbox of a phone to access the updates on SMS alerts and reading the message. It is far easier than opening your laptop, getting into your emails by typing your username and password and opening the e-mail alerts. This might even take time if the network is busy or rather slower than usual. The SMS or text messaging alerts made efforts easier, therefore less complicated. This is important because for a very busy individual, saving time means achieving more and earning more. Cricket SMS Alerts You can be busy with your routine work and yet be connected to the religion of India ie Cricket.Yes Friends, Mcanny provides you with Alerts round the clock for matches wherein India is involved. Movie SMS Alerts Depending upon the language you have subscribed Mcanny will send you new movie realeases week after week. Astrology and Numerology SMS alert: Daily you can get a Daily SMS alert on Astrology or Numerology. SMS alert of your choice. You can set a reminder for yourself such as lectricity bills or water bills or insurance premiums or your loan EMI etc etc. The above services now available free in India. The website called .mcanny.. the provide all such service free for all users.The User has to visit the website and register with their mobile number in that site.Also they can earn money by referring people. Mobile Games Download: The users of the site can download all free mobile cricket games. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: