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Fuji XF100-400mm lens evaluation: they can put tens of thousands of shots beat Fuji? XF100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 earlier this year released a telephoto zoom lens, on the one hand, make up for the lack of Fuji in the long focal length lens field, on the other hand is launched in the second half of the ship’s single camera lens for the preparation of X-T2 after all, such as the Fuji X-T2 high speed capture models, more applications are sports and photography, not how to support super telephoto lens. Although the Fuji XF100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 lens aperture is not large, but with optical anti shake function, the use of hand-held capture is possible. Here we look at how the lens imaging quality. First, on the Fuji XF100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 sensor Fuji this year launched its two flagship models, one is X-Pro2, one is X-T2, two flagship products for different groups of people, X-Pro2 is aimed at photography fancier, pondering the crowd, X-T2 is the main occupation photographer, to capture the work. Naturally, the camera needs to be matched with the lens, the Fuji XF100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 lens is a work with the X-T2 lens. 100-400mm on the X-T2 150-600mm equivalent focal length, enough for sports and the ecological theme of the snap shooting, make up Fuji no lens products in the field of vacancy. Fuji XF100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 Fuji XF100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 camera lens is a super telephoto lens, but the aperture specifications are small, the maximum aperture of standard f 4.5-5.6 in super telephoto lens is only acceptable, inconspicuous, but this is a million level telephoto lens, and has a 600mm equivalent focal length, which means in many cases can be more effective to capture close-up. To know that Canon 600mm F4L lens sold 70 thousand yuan, Fuji’s flagship model for its own configuration of such a cheap affordable telephoto lens, the impact of the professional photographers community is quite lethal. Although the vast majority of ecological sports, photographers use Canon or Nikon products, but 20 thousand yuan can take such a telephoto equipment is very exciting. Fuji XF100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 Fuji XF100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 camera lens combination of Fuji’s own cutting-edge technology in a body, in order to cope with the harsh occupation photographer’s needs, it is also a member of Fuji WR protection lens series, with dust, antifreeze, anti splash protection characteristics, respond to the different circumstances of the shooting test. For Fuji, regardless of the launch of the X-T2 or XF100-400mm f 4.5-5.6 lens, the product itself is full of sincerity, but also to see it into the field of professional photography.相关的主题文章: