Get Over Yourself, If You Want To Have Success, Have Grit, Not Intelligence, So Get Over

Inspirational Do you ever watch The Big Bang Theory? Its about four very intelligent people who are researchers for a university. They are very intelligent but they lack people skills and the skills necessary to survive in the business world. Then there is the pretty but not so smart next-door neighbor that survives the world because of her pure grit and determination. Which is better, intelligence or grit? There are many intelligent people that are .pletely broke. I have been one of them. I possess three degrees and a certificate, yet I was unable to make it in the business world. You see all those degrees didnt prepare me for life as a businessperson. In fact they didnt prepare me for life at all. It wasnt until I got grit that I was able to start making it is business. How do you get grit? You get it from the school of hard knocks and the University of Adversity, not from any university that I know of. Sure you work hard to achieve a degree, but you never get the grit that you need for the world of entrepreneurship. Grit is firmness of character, determination, and steadfastness. How do you get that? If you want something bad enough you will do what it takes. Some of the great athletes like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Payton Manning have displayed grit on the field or the court. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have shown great grit in the business world. They both changed the world, as we know it by making a .puter that would sit on a desk. Who could get by now without a smart phone? Not many of us. We love them. Without Steve Jobs determination we would not have one. In fact, Apple is the biggest .pany in the world right now. And Mr. Jobs was adopted and even his adoptive parents didnt want him. He left home and became a hippie before he ventured into the world of business. If anyone would fail, you would think it would be him. But its all about the grit and determination that a person has to succeed. You can have that or get it. Its really up to you. So where do you stand? Do you want to do what you were designed to do? Change the world in some way maybe or do you want to stay in the same place .plaining about everything in the world. If you want to change things, get over yourself and get some grit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: