GeTian and Wu Shakespeare behind her ex boyfriend was torn open never have before (video)-cashmere mafia

GeTian and Wu Shakespeare behind her ex boyfriend was torn open never have before Tencent entertainment news (text Fang Fang) yesterday, Liu Xiang’s ex-wife GeTian and his girlfriend Wu Sha network war, triggered a crowd of onlookers. Two people are accused of obvious innuendo, Wu’s sarcastic GeTian cosmetic liposuction, is nurturing and Pianhun scam; GE day hard scold. The play also caused around the war, such as vice president of a marriage network Mu rock in micro-blog shouts behind getian. Today, there is more behind Ma Ge days ago boyfriend GeTian, said Ge day in good condition, will not be maintained, he said: "it will be together, (she) Benz SUV to meet me, I feel I was in service, she has not been maintained." Since the day after the divorce Liu Xiang Ge, thought the two strangers, who recently, Ge day and Liu Xiang Wu Sha opened the air war of words. Ge Tianxian is a friend of micro-blog certification for users behind Mu rock issued vice president Lily network. GeTian says he is in 18 years old when he met them, praising GeTian forthright, earnest. GeTian and revealed the rich family, may not be nurturing, not to mention the rumors of the actor was actually at a very low income. He also took the initiative to clarify the cosmetic surgery for GE rumors, saying she was just due to the baby’s fat to make its appearance looks somewhat changed. As for GE day and Liu Xiang divorce, Mu rock called "clean hard chores, but he suggested that Liu Xiang’s men and women relationship is not rumors so simple. However, micro-blog has been deleted. Today, the value of CEO following the broadcast of the Ma Yan Yan Mu continued after behind, his identity is actually GeTian ex boyfriend, he said: "Li Ge day home in good condition, and it will be together, (she) Benz SUV to meet me, I feel I was in service, she was not care, love I have enthusiasm, entrepreneurship is a grass root, no money, no house, only a fun heart, some girls think I have no money, went to the villa car to get married. Ge days will not, do not value the material, to find a few boyfriends are money, and some I know, are good, or handsome will hurt people, I am not on both sides. At least I buy a big diamond ring to marry him is false, she is itself a diamond ring, a car and a house, people do not need maintenance, see today she is attacked, also feel helpless, say a few words, I hope her." Ma also clarified that he is completely spontaneous behind Ge day, for three years they had no contact and no phone WeChat, said: "now the era, users do not believe you side, see the dark corners of love. In fact, I can not talk about how to talk, I have self-knowledge, but a lot of friends want me to come out to tell the truth, to avoid more rumors. I think she is a good person, everything will be the past, ex husband Liu Xiang, after all, is a star, do not do." Wu Sha Ge day tear does not stop! This is gonna make Liu Xiang crazy相关的主题文章: