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The global WAL-MART can buy buy buy buy into the electricity supplier giant WAL-MART holdings more than 10% shares of the Jingdong and the board of directors of the Jingdong as an observer, so that Jingdong in the domestic electricity supplier pattern in the position to add a layer of chips, WAL-MART business ambition is more obvious. Beijing Daily reporter found that WAL-MART in the United States, Chinese market, India market and other channels and let it do the layout of the electricity supplier, electricity supplier company "". As a global retail giant, WAL-MART is now moving late? Especially in the Chinese market, he missed the best time? Jingdong holdings in China, although the last time to reach a cooperation with Jingdong has not yet seen any obvious characterization, but this does not prevent WAL-MART continue to be optimistic about the domestic electricity supplier and bet. WAL-MART recently disclosed to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the latest regulatory documents disclosed holdings of shares of Jingdong. After the holdings, WAL-MART owns about 10.8% of the shares of Jingdong. In June 21st this year, Jingdong and WAL-MART jointly announced the depth of strategic cooperation, WAL-MART’s No. 1 store into Jingdong, while WAL-MART access to approximately 5% stake in Jingdong. According to reports, in accordance with the undisclosed terms, if WAL-MART’s stake increased to the level of 10%, WAL-MART is able to participate in the Jingdong board of directors observer status. The terms of the agreement emphasize the long-term importance of cooperation between the two companies. The transaction also indicates that Jingdong hopes to deepen cooperation with WAL-MART will. It is understood that the terms of the transaction also includes an effective non competitive agreement in the next eight years, to avoid the two companies to start or invest in each other’s business. Informed sources said that if the state is not suitable for the grant of board seats, investors can be used as a board observer ", in order to get the information they need to understand, without taking any decision of the actual responsibility. WAL-MART and Jingdong earlier trading has been identified, WAL-MART can be held by the board of directors to identify the identity of the holdings of shares. Prior to this, Tencent is the only partner in the strategic partner of Jingdong has a board seat. Buy and buy in the world to buy, in fact, only one of the world’s Jingdong holdings of WAL-MART electricity supplier layout. In August of this year, WAL-MART to $3 billion in cash and $300 million in WAL-MART shares to acquire Jet, some cash and all the shares will be paid in installments, the transaction is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year. Jet said it aims to provide consumers with lower prices than Amazon or WAL-MART. WAL-MART thus got the electricity supplier business needs technology, infrastructure, management team, Jet co-founder and CEO Marc Lore will take over WAL-MART’s electricity supplier business. The deal is regarded as the future of WAL-MART CEO Doug McMillon online shopping attention. McMillon said in a conference call, through Jet, retailers get more young, affluent and urban consumers. In fact, to advocate "everyday low prices" and WAL-MART want to chase against Amazon, the greatest significance of this acquisition is to acquire the Jet developed unique discount pricing system and Jet co-founder and CEO Marc Lore. According to reports.相关的主题文章: