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God of fashion! These men "in" you love the nail makeup would not lead: women, however Manicure would be men play a different style. Recently, the pony brother in INS drying out their painted black nail polish photos, and fashionable men would love to meddle"! Fashion and beauty is certainly not a lady’s patent, men in the United States this matter always have their own different understanding. For instance, nail polish is not the only female friends can be painted, their happy can also play a different actor and fashion style ~ big coffee would have to play! Pony brother alone pet shiny dark pony is a ~ brother a man loves to show Manicure. Moreover, he is also very fond of the shiny effect of the dark system. Wine red, blue, and a literary and micro decadent collocation of cigarettes. This is not too sultry ah pose…… Hair on the hair of a ins oil with flashing flashing effect of a deep red nail polish with a small brother holding the hand of a cigarette since a nail polish, concave shape is also more beautiful greasy! Warm red, 1 Guerlain GUERLAIN sweet queen Manicure Oil 2, Estee Lauder ESTEE LAUDER pure color nail polish, nail polish 3 Lancome LANCOME love 246N sorry my sight has been stuck in the nail… Cool black line 1, Innisfree Innisfree organic nail color 2 color nail polish, Maybelline MAYBELLINE show 4003, Shu Uemura miss Carle Shu Uemura Nail Polish相关的主题文章: