Gold producer gold fields lost $54 million in the fourth quarter-popkart

Gold producer Gold Fields in the fourth quarter loss of $54 million in business service 02 month 19 days in February 18th, foreign media news, gold producer Gold Fields recently released a report on the fourth quarter of last year, the report shows, due to the decline in the price of gold, the mine enterprises losses. The report showed that the fourth quarter Gold Fields loss of $54 million, compared with the previous quarter profit of $21 million, there has been a big decline. In addition, the fourth quarter Gold Fields had a $300 million write down. Gold Fields said in a statement, 2015 is a very challenging year for gold production industry, the highest dollar gold in around $1300, but the year fell by almost $250 an ounce. In addition, as the mine has only one gold mine in South Africa, it has not been able to profit from the sharp decline of Rand, like some other mining companies. The fourth quarter Gold Fields produced 566 thousand ounces of gold, all the maintenance costs (AISC) for $929 an ounce, output growth of 1.6%, the cost decreased by 2%. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

黄金生产商Gold Fields第四季度损5400万美元   生意社02月19日讯   外媒2月18日消息,黄金生产商Gold Fields近日发布了去年第四季度报告,报告显示,由于金价的下跌,该矿企出现亏损。   报告显示,四季度Gold Fields亏损5400万美元,较前一季度盈利2100万美元出现了很大下滑。   此外,四季度Gold Fields出现了3亿美元的减记。   Gold Fields在声明中表示,2015年对黄金生产行业又是极具挑战的一年,美元计金价最高在1300美元 盎司左右,但整年下跌了差不多250美元 盎司。   此外,由于该矿企在南非只有一家金矿,因此没能如其它一些矿企一样,从兰特的大幅走低中获利。   四季度Gold Fields生产了56.6万盎司黄金,全部维持成本(AISC)为929美元 盎司,产量环比增长1.6%,成本环比下降2%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: