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Golden dream trip – tree autumn sound quiet dream Tengchong ginkgo village tourism Sohu – every year eleven, February, most parts of the mainland has entered the winter season, cold and dry, the scenery is in a slump. In the Yunnan Yunnan border of Tengchong, it ushered in a year in the most gorgeous color in the autumn season, 000 from Ginkgo biloba was dyed golden yellow, the sun shining in the clear yellow wood, constitutes a fascinating and fantastic light. Enter the original ginkgo village, quiet and serene, as if into a dream world of fairy tales. Here is the garden in winter in Yunnan, a village in the village village of ginkgo forest, forest. Autumn comes, yellow ginkgo, flying leaves, very beautiful. Stroll along the ancient village, romantic. Tengchong ginkgo village mainly refers to the solid East Town Jiangdong ginkgo village, this is a quaint and quiet village, there are more than 3 thousand ginkgo trees inside and outside embellishment in the farmyard, winter in Yunnan has become the most popular destination, this is the cloud outdoor activities taken by Ginkgo village. Ginkgo Village Housing well-proportioned distributed in the space around and behind the house, there are large and small ginkgo tree, the ancient ginkgo village "full of gold" feeling. Ginkgo ginkgo village has about more than 3 thousand lines, more than 500 years in age of more than 50 lines, more than 400 years of more than 70 strains, 200 — 300 years of more than 150 lines, more than 30 years of more than 600 strains, 2100 strains were more than 20 years. In addition to zhongyoulin 1000 acres, these trees and houses rely on each other, the very conception. To appreciate the ginkgo best stay the night in the village, the morning sun has not come out, the whole village is a thin layer of fog, the quiet village are covered with fallen leaves of ginkgo, walking in the quiet lane, with golden yellow leaves, do not have a romantic atmosphere. The floor of the ginkgo leaves covered the earth, as to the village covered with golden carpet, in the rising sun shine even more dazzling. The sun through the shadows cast a beautiful forest, the whole village nestled in a golden light, breeze blowing, leaves in the air tumbling village, then covered in thick roof, dotey, alley, ridge, into the stone crevice, fall into the depths of the eaves. A deciduous roof covered with golden leaves of the quiet trail, if you can bring love into one hand, can be very happy. Quiet ancient path, seems to be waiting for a romantic story more eye-catching red lanterns in the golden light dazzling Chaoyang through the tree? Gap in light, forming a light beam, the quiet courtyard. Fangqianwuhou ginkgo tree at sunrise, exudes a charming light, also show the most beautiful color in a year. In the " tree; the autumn sound, mountain cold color " in the late autumn, the quiet dream Tengchong ginkgo village colorful, just like heaven here is the quiet autumn, winter golden dream, here is the best in all the land of Ginkgo kingdom. Selection of Ginkgo biloba under the blue sky in the autumn of Ginkgo close-up photo shoot is good is falling.相关的主题文章: