Goodbye tile City Wu Kexi acting praise Bi Lawrence

"Good bye" tile City acting Wu Kexi won praise: Bi Lawrence Sina entertainment news director Zhao Deyin film "goodbye" tile City days ago at the Venice Film Festival won the Grand Prix, immediately rushed to the Toronto Film Festival premiere in North america. Male and female lead Ke Zhendong [micro-blog], Wu Kexi in the film among the workers in the factory in Thailand incarnation, after the foreigners are curious to ask: "are they really workers?" That is, they believe in the growth of Taipei actors dare, a group of crazy American Film Critics later on, the way to intercept the director stayed to go to the bar to drink 3 cups of wine, domineering side exchange "how to train the actor to become workers’ cheats, super crazy action horror director. Zhao Deyin’s works have been participating in the New York Tribeca Film Festival, Montreal film exhibition, accumulated a lot of fans in North America, the film "goodbye Mandalay" at the Toronto Film Festival screenings were all 5, reflecting the audience asked the director: "Ke Zhendong, Wu Kexi is really a worker?" They were trained to work, eat, sleep, and work with factory workers, and the audience couldn’t believe that they were not in a fight with you There is no escape to meet? " The director smiled back: "they are ready for a year, not a waste of time, but also play a very critical play, ready to become the hero and heroine!" After listening to the audience laugh. Interestingly, the authority of the media "rolling stone" magazine (Rolling Stone) film director Zhao Deyin intercepted after stop, pull to go to the bar to drink 3 cups of beer, a domineering end asked the director to exchange the answers to 3 questions, the director finally only drank a cup of beer, in addition to eat two cups of Hand-Pulled Noodle instead, they wonder how transformation of idol incarnation of Ke Zhendong workers, especially appreciated Wu Kexi’s performance as "flip" happiness (JOY) Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence), the strong female speech was very convincing, Wu Kexi heard by the director sent to the restaurant dishes for half a year, they smiled and said: "you are the big Hollywood was sent to Burma to do the dishes!". Not only the "rolling stone" magazine, the French media "world news" critics also very mad, chased the director from the Venice Film Festival to the Toronto Film Festival, he first mentioned the director English name ‘Midi Z’, jokingly said: "this is not" Z "should be" A ", because" again see Mandalay "film aesthetics and the story is full of originality, is a movie!" Later wrote that in addition to the current Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award, another admirable work is "good bye" tile City movie, beautiful and fascinating story, is looking forward to what happens next. Another international authoritative media "Indie Wire" for the Toronto Asian Film Festival, general, which talks about the movie "goodbye" tile City, think this is the plot of a compact, elegant and unique film aesthetics, and saw the Taiwan new movie on Zhao Deyin’s inheritance. The film "goodbye" tile City is a transnational love film production, described lotus green (Wu Kexi ornaments) reach Thailand met working Okuni (Ke Zhendong decoration), two people each other, rijiushengqing, boy.相关的主题文章: