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Green Tea + Lemon heart care, 5 kinds of tea good partner – Health Channel – original title: Green Tea + Lemon heart care, 5 kinds of tea good partner of Chinese, health tea is from thousands of years of tradition. In fact, each kind of tea has a natural good partner, drinking tea can be doubled with the effect of health. Green Tea + Lemon Huxin catechin polyphenols is recognized as the key component of Green Tea in good health, have various health care functions, including the prevention of cancer, improve cardiovascular health, weight loss, against ionizing radiation. Purdue University study found that adding some vitamin C in Green Tea in Citrus foods, can improve the absorption efficiency of the body of catechol, catechol can make health increased 4 times. The experiment shows that the effect of lemon is best in citrus foods. Lemon with green tea, taste fresh and cool, especially suitable for drinking in summer. Add a good green tea to the inlet temperature, add one or two slices of lemon, or drop a few drops of lemon juice, so as to avoid high temperature caused by the loss of vitamin C. Oolong Tea + osmanthus Oolong Tea appetizer is semi fermented tea, such as oolong tea, Dahongpao, rich in tannic acid, tea polyphenols, alkaloids and other active substances, they can go to greasy food. Collocation fragrance on the fresh, Xingpi appetizers, relieve dry mouth and throat, toothache and other effects of bad breath of sweet scented osmanthus, can let a person appetite. The taste of sweet scented osmanthus Xinwen and flat Oolong Tea drink is suitable for. Global best Oolong Tea teapot or coverbowl cup, and must be in 100 degrees of boiling water, add 3 grams of dried osmanthus in the brewing open. But note that insomnia fewer people choose this kind of collocation, and the effect of Xingnao because of sweet scented osmanthus, not easy to fall asleep after drinking. Jasmine Tea + chrysanthemum Mingmu Jasmine Tea Singan, more warm, not only has the aroma of wet, spleen and stomach, but also in liver. The fragrance of chrysanthemum meridian, also has the liver, Liver eyesight, both collocation can be described as "megamerger". Jasmine Tea with boiling water, add five or six white chrysanthemum, also can add a few also have the functions of nourishing liver kidney function of Chinese wolfberry, make tea to strengthen the role of eyesight. Jasmine chrysanthemum tea soak for 10~15 minutes after drinking. Chrysanthemum cold, General Yang constitution (usually cold) and spleen deficiency (a thing to eat cold stomach pain, stomach discomfort) people should pay attention to drink. Pu’er tea Xiaoshi + tangerine peel more mild stimulation of spleen and stomach is relatively small, but also alleviate the greasy thing to bring the burden of the digestive system. Ventilation is dried tangerine peel, orange peel, also has the spleen, greasy taste, Jiangni antiemetic efficacy. Pu’er Tea first with 10 seconds to soak the tea, filtered impurities, and then add a few pieces of orange peel together brewing, both have the collocation of fresh fruit and dried tangerine peel, Pu’er Chen Xiang rich, sweet aftertaste, the most suitable for food when drinking. Do not drink tea immediately after dinner, because Pu’er tea contains a certain amount of caffeine, usually emotional excitement or more sensitive, poor sleep and the body is weak, the evening is still less or not to drink as相关的主题文章: