Guangzhou airport high speed mussels Lake interchange B ramp closed for 31 days-govos

Guangzhou Airport Expressway mussels Lake interchange B ramp closed out 31 days information times (reporter Guo Suying) reporter from the Guangzhou Rapid Transit Construction Company Limited was informed that due to the need of comprehensive renovation construction of the road traffic congestion Airport Expressway, airport expressway closed on October 9th to S41 mussels Lake toll station into the southbound direction of Guangzhou airport expressway ramp (mussels Lake B interchange ramp). Traffic control time for October 9th 0 to 12 in November 9th, a total of 31 days. The company cautions, near the west east direction of the vehicle through the airport expressway southbound to Guangzhou direction of the vehicle, please exit from the Longshan bypass high-speed broad or North near the water drain outlet bypass S114 provincial highway to Guangzhou direction; the North Second Ring Road westbound direction through the airport expressway southbound direction of Guangzhou into the vehicle, please from Beijing to Zhuhai export fast bypass Southern China to Guangzhou or stone Lake Station, village station G105 National Highway bypass to Guangzhou; into the mussels Lake Station into the Airport Expressway south Guangzhou direction of the vehicle to the direction of the airport too please export back to Guangzhou direction of travel. The road traffic, highways department will set traffic signs and traffic guidance in the construction of roads, highways department to remind the driver according to the instructions of traffic police personnel, and obey the command.相关的主题文章: