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Guangzhou Honda all star models support sports marketing, let the dream go further – in November 6th 2016 Sohu, Guangzhou Honda Hangzhou Marathon (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou MA) in the Huanglong Sports Center shots to start running, more than 30 thousand players in the "most beautiful marathon race staged national sport event. As the main sponsor of the Hangzhou Ma, Guangzhou Honda with its new Accord hybrid, new crown Rui Road Star vehicle activity, not only for Hangzhou Ma escort, more interactive organization colorful experience, passion vitality will hang Ma stadium to become full of Guangzhou Honda brand day carnival. Hangzhou Ma then hand Guangzhou Honda let the dream go hang horse has been enjoying a "most beautiful marathon" reputation, this year, Hangzhou at the G20 summit after becoming the focus of world attention, Hangzhou Ma also ushered in the 30 anniversary. The depth of cooperation about two consecutive years and Hangzhou Ma, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Honda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Yuan Xiaohua said, Honda hopes to brand connotation and the marathon movement into the spirit of the new, as running toward the end point marathoners, Guangzhou Honda also offers fun driving experience for consumers to become the dream companion, and continue to run"! Since its establishment in 1998, Guangzhou Honda constantly insight into consumer expectations, continue forging competitive models and innovative service standards, social responsibility, to become consumers "dream companion" goals and challenges. Today, the new generation of elite consumers in the life of aggressive, attitude, dare to play, eager to get an unprecedented new experience, the future is full of more expectations and dreams. Guangzhou Honda hopes to active action to run their life to cheer, encourage them to participate in the marathon that surpass themselves and challenge the limits of fashion health movement, to achieve the dream of life more! As many runners, in the fierce competition in the market, Guangzhou Honda to forge ahead, sales rose steadily, and in October this year reached a total production of 5 million mark. 5 million is a milestone in the GAC Honda to participate in the Chinese car city marathon, but also a new starting point. Guangzhou Honda will be more firmly step every step, and encourage continue to challenge higher goals, help more consumers to achieve the dream of mobile. All star lineup to build the West Lake side of the GAC Honda brand day as the country’s top marathon event, hang horse popularity all the way up. On the occasion of the 30 anniversary of the registration and the number of entries is a record high horse. Professional athletes and ordinary lovers play together, cheering events volunteers, cheering for players along the way to send supplies, to show the unique charm of Hangzhou Ma events and strong humanistic care. As the main sponsor events, Guangzhou Honda is spare no effort into the campaign event, through the rich and colorful interactive activities for the public, showing a full day Carnival of Guangzhou Honda brand. The current hang horse, more than 800 GAC Honda owners and employees to actively participate in the competition, in the form of GAC Honda square debut arena, with the run for the spirit of Honda brand endorsement. On the horse race, Honda brand’s first domestic hybrid models.相关的主题文章: