Guangzhou hospital surgical robot 500 doctors introduced its performance-nvidia geforce gt 740m

Guangzhou hospital introduced surgical robot of 500 doctors watching its "performance" Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Ren Shanshan Ou Xiaofang, Yu Guangbiao, Huang Jinjuan) surgeons to learn new technology, even with a large screen 3D. The morning of September 9th, the Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Zhongshan University at the sixth Guangzhou international forum for the 500 tumor, thoracic surgeons at home and abroad set up a special "performance" by 3D, the giant screen broadcast "Da Vinci" robot assisted radical surgery. O’clock in the morning that day, in Guangzhou Zi Guang Yuan Hotel conference hall, the organizers set up a temporary projection screen up to 200 inches of the 3D giant screen theater". On the screen, Professor of surgery of esophageal cancer and lung cancer surgery, chief expert Professor Fu Jianhua, chief expert dragoncom Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Zhongshan University. Respectively "the performance" Da Vinci robot assisted radical resection of esophageal cancer, radical resection of lung cancer. Venue, thoracic surgeons wear 3D glasses to watch the surgery demonstration, the first row of the audience to experience the naked eye 3D viewing effect. As they watched the surgeon and personally on the scene, the same view of 3D, while carefully compare the surgical robot """. In the operating room of Zhongshan University Affiliated Tumor Hospital of a few kilometers away, sitting on the console with Professor dragoncom in assistant under the operation of the surgical robot system attentively. On the operating table, the robotic arm was operated flexibly in a male patient with lung cancer (stage two). Two long lesions in the 50 year old patients with lung, maximum 4 cm in size. Less than an hour, the mechanical arm accurately removed the lesion side lobe of lung cancer. "As long as I touch the operating table, do not touch the patient, do not have to disinfect hands as before, you can do surgery." Long Hao said that this is the completion of his twenty-eighth robot assisted radical lung cancer surgery. Prior to surgery, there was no case of complications. Guangzhou Daily reporter was informed that, at present, Guangzhou has three surgical robots, respectively, settled in the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, Zhongshan University, Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital and Zhongshan University Affiliated Tumor hospital. In August this year, the country completed a total of 1700 cases of robot assisted surgery, which, Zhongda Affiliated Cancer Hospital into the top ten. In the past, Da Vinci surgical robot system is mainly used for colorectal cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, cholecystectomy. Chest tumors were considered unsuitable for robotic assisted surgery. At the beginning of 2016, with the aid of surgical robot system Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Zhongshan University with chest tumor endoscopic technology advanced, explored. At present, the hospital department of thoracic surgery team has completed the surgery and robot lung cancer radical mastectomy first robot of esophageal cancer in Southern China, completed a total of more than 50 cases of robot assisted surgery in the Department of thoracic surgery, the first in Southern China, the national top three. Compared with the conventional surgery, the robot has the advantages of high clarity, flexibility, large field of vision, precise resection, and so on." Professor Fu Jianhua introduction, Da Vinci surgical robot hand strong flexibility. "The bedside manipulator has 7 degrees of freedom, the joint can rotate 270 degrees, more flexible than the manual,.相关的主题文章: