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Guangzhou city to create a clean and tidy   safe and orderly rental property — effective — original title: Guangzhou city to create a clean and safe and orderly rental housing in Guangzhou city of Haizhuqu District heart apartment obvious effects of beautiful environment, clean and orderly. For many people, the rental housing is their first foothold in Guangzhou, and may even be a long-term home. In July last year, Guangzhou City basing personnel services authority, led the development of the "Guangzhou city rental housing special rectification and clean and safe and orderly rental activities to create a 3 year action plan", this is the largest one in Guangzhou in recent years to focus on remediation rental operations. More than a year, the "people’s house" registration rate to further enhance the management of access control system to further enhance the coverage; further enhance the level of management of rental housing; rental housing prominent security risks significantly reduced…… Guangzhou is taking action to reverse the image of rental housing, to create clean, orderly and safe rental housing has achieved significant results, enhance the level of urban management. Yesterday, the city’s rental housing management experience of unsafe site exchange and rental housing concentrated rectification action plan will be held in Haizhuqu District the "heart apartment". Haizhuqu District Chang Gang Street rental housing reform and explore the micro three party escrow collaborative governance mode as a representative, beneficial exploration districts are carried out according to local conditions, distinctive of rental housing management service, created a lot of good experience and practice. Haizhuqu District Chang Gang Street rental housing third party escrow to explore collaborative governance model for the area belong to the village, the old village property construction disrepair, fire hazards prominent, public facilities incomplete, poor living conditions and other outstanding issues, Chang Gang Street grasp three old reform opportunity, in accordance with the "micro urban transformation, around the courtyard style management property management, apartment facilities, rolling development of the general idea, and strive to build rental housing third party escrow collaborative governance innovation demonstration area. Such as promoting unity and the hearts of Guangzhou Lianxing agency Investment Development Co., Ltd. signed, to transform into a "heart apartment", the implementation of central type transformation, hospital management, property in management, apartment facilities, the rental housing registration rate, inspection rate, hazard elimination rate, contract rate, access control and video installation rate of five 100%, apartment occupancy rate has remained above 98%. After the completion of the apartment to intelligent data community business philosophy, committed to the transformation of the property value and service level, has been named the Haizhu peace and happiness rental residential and residential integration demonstration sites, won the 2015 annual Guangzhou city remote workers advanced collective "title. In the optimization of rental housing environment, based on the space to create a high quality of life, also implements the intelligent access control + video rental system and enterprise community professional management intelligent system (INNER system) dual control management, combined with the two-dimensional electronic House + WeChat public number system, promote the informatization construction, grasp the "five in one" the dynamic real-time information, explore the "house" the construction of big data. Apartment has also set up a "people’s house" registration certificate, complaints, hidden investigation and other basic functions of the service station, the establishment of butler service center, according to the needs of tenants to provide相关的主题文章: