Guo Feng Ba premier R & F exposure looting weekly 300 thousand pounds beyond Pelle-havd707

Guo Feng Ba premier Fuli exposure looting weekly up to 300 thousand pounds to chase Carol beyond Pelle Guoan R & F Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 6th, the British "Daily Express" news, Andy Carol, West Ham United Front PA received the invitation from China, Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou R & F two are looking to acquire the high center. Andy Carol once played in Liverpool, but he played poorly at Anfield, joining West Ham after Carol’s performance in general, 92 appearances, scoring 23 goals. As a high data center, although the goal Carol’s performance in general, but he is in front of have the absolute ability in the air and header is absolutely the premier class, it is easy to serve as the offensive in the bridgehead, attack and create opportunities for his teammates. This season, the Premier League, Carol played little chance, just 1 appearances, from his premiership career, the name of the front of the play by the injury plagued. It is reported that in the two strong Guangzhou R & F and Beijing Guoan for Carol is interested in, in order to sign the striker, they willing to pay 300 thousand pounds per week to the Premier League, and now, the highest weekly is Rooney, while also holding the United captain but 300 thousand pounds per week. In the transfer fee, the top two will not hesitate to cost. When Carol joined West Ham’s transfer fee is 15 million pounds, and decimating and national security is willing to offer 20 million pound hammers. The "Daily Express" pointed out that the super stadium is an ideal place for Carol, after all, the super team can provide to its lucrative contract, the British media also mentioned, currently playing in Super League team Shandong Luneng Paley had 260 thousand pounds per week. (Pell dees)相关的主题文章: