Guy was also arrested 500 months after a few hours of borrowing the hotel front desk-tamiflu

The guy is still 500 yuan loan robbery several hours after being arrested the hotel said that the strength of men, if the face is too heavy for a few hundred yuan loan will embark on the road of crime, that is The loss outweighs the gain. Recently, a young man from Jiangsu for 500 yuan of loans, robbery and jingfangxingju to rush into danger. The early morning of November 15th, the streets of Huangqiao road Ningbo River in Yuyao City, a hotel waiter Xiaohong (a pseudonym) is the service station on duty. At this time, a 20 year old young man walked into the hotel and, oddly, his right hand man has been hiding in the pocket of the coat. Timidly asked the price of the room, the man hesitated, casually replied "too expensive", and then out of the hotel door. Did not wait to pick up the phone to pick up the red WeChat, just out of the man back to the hotel. Unlike earlier timidity, at the moment his eyes straight, brow locked, mouth closed. Haven’t waited for the small red mouth, the man then rushed to her in front of him, has been hiding in the pocket of the right hand in a moment, took out a bright fruit knife. "Come on, give me the money!" Heard the man cry, red was suddenly scared senseless. In addition to obediently hand in the drawer of 300 yuan in cash, and even their own phone is also served". The man took the money and ran swiftly. Immediately, the red will be reported to the police. Lanjiang police station received the alarm, immediately rushed to the scene. According to the description of the red, police retrieved the first video and hotel near the road. By viewing the video, found the man of medium height, younger, wearing a grey shirt and dark trousers, after the incident, from east to west along the road to escape. As the video track, the police eventually locked the foothold in a man, Yangming streets Fu Xiang Village North area. Day 7 am, police arrested the man in his rented room. Under questioning, the man truthfully confessed his knife robbery crime facts. Man surnamed Wang, Jiangsu people, 25 years old this year. He grew up with his parents living in Yuyao for more than and 10 years, the family is not rich, but stable life, Wang also found a job in Yuyao. Wang always felt so bad, holding a meager wage issued to make money, did not amount to much. And usually spend more, the "moonlight clan", occasionally asking a friend to borrow money for emergency. Because self-esteem is relatively strong, since Wang, unwilling to open money parents. The incident that day, Wang’s friends 500 yuan to beg for arrears. Because of the shy, Wang decided to rely on their own to solve the problem. But what he thought was robbery. So, in the supermarket to buy a fruit knife, he has been wandering in the street. At night, Wang finally decided to go to the hotel robbery. According to Wang confessed, he first chose a hotel and found that there are two female attendants, worried that they can not be an enemy of two, so give up. Then, he went into another hotel and found that it was a male waiter, and then give up again. The third time, he went to the red hotel, pretend to ask the price, after only one proven red, back robbery. At present, criminal suspects.相关的主题文章: