Halloween night – to bring you closer to different Singapore Tourism Sohu winsockfix

Halloween night – to bring you closer to different Singapore Tourism Sohu – Halloween, this is a very western festival. The initial impression of it comes from the English class in primary school, the phrase "Trick or treat". But maybe after all, we are still in the East, so the reception of this foreign festival is far from the high level of Christmas and Valentine’s day. Although when I grow up I also bought Jack-O-Lantern also took the mask also visited some domestic Amusement Park House Museum, but is still not very intuitive feeling about this interesting holiday. This year because of some chance the chance to go to Singapore to attend the Resorts World Sentosa Halloween night at the 6 session of the media. So the opportunity to shoot some photos, but the relative atmosphere of terror has declined. DJ opening off the audience before the official opening ceremony of exploration haunted house, a stage. Start with high DJ, and later appeared in the huge skull, along with a lot of out somewhere, and the jet flame, and a loud noise, the atmosphere is pushed to the climax. In a loud exploding sound, a group of "ghosts" suddenly rushed into the audience, scared a lot of people screaming. At the same time, our Halloween night has officially kicked off. This is what we often say "hell". Into the door, the moment will come up a number of "ghost" will surround you. Of course, the last is the ghost surrounded by our group of changqiangduanbao. Universal Studios, and strive to achieve the ultimate in visual auditory. Enter here, is a very high light, with dark. The night is full of unease and strange feeling. These "ghost" expression is also very gloomy place, watching you, watching you walk towards you, anyhow timid start from here to take care of your heart. The first one: the Hu Ji Inn walks through the street full of ghosts, and the first thing we arrive at is Hu Ji inn". At the beginning, we all felt that the beauty of the picture on the poster was beautiful, and when I came closer, the whole person seemed to fall into the old Shanghai in the 30s. The ear is full of "big Shanghai" Ballad tune. Enter the indoor scene of debauchery, and the dancers on stage singing in Shanghai. Come on, sing "night of Shanghai, the Shanghai night with me, you are a sleepless city… But…" if you think this is just a simple let you picture that you’re wrong. A demon after the laughter, you will see a show on the fox fox’s tail you laugh on stage. While the men originally songs the audience will die in the hands of the fox. Second: the old Changi ghost came to Fox Pavilion of the old Changi ghosts. This theme is simply the standard hospital haunted house ah, no matter at home and abroad any haunted house, would like to use this theme. May also be because the hospital itself lives on, do it do it, plus it was very close to our life, so people will be a little terror senses. And this old ghosts from Singapore Changi is a famous fairy tale. Old.相关的主题文章: