Hanbanan railway completed years of pre feasibility study preparation-synnex

Hanbanan railway completed years of pre feasibility study work of September 19th, Huaxi City Reader reporter from the Bazhong Municipal Transportation Bureau learned that much of our attention (in Chinese) Pakistan (in) South (filling) railway has sought the views of the provincial and municipal relevant departments, is to further improve the pre feasibility study report, is expected to pre the completion of this year in the preparation of the feasibility study. In 2012, the railway scheme of Hanbanan demonstration will be held in Xi’an. In 2013, Hanbanan railway was incorporated into the "Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone inter city rail transit network planning as a new project". In July 20, 2016, the "long-term railway network plan" (2016-2030), Hanbanan railway as the promotion of poverty alleviation and development of railway land is in the plan. According to the plan, Hanbanan railway from HanZhong Railway Station, via Nanzheng County, Hanzhoung City, Bazhong City, Bazhou District, Nanjiang County, Pengan City, Nanchong grace Yang District, Yilong County, in Nanchong City, the introduction of Nanchong north station to the end point, Hanzhoung city line length of 57.33km, 133.7km in Bazhong City, 106.8km city in Nanchong. In the territory of Bazhong via 3 counties (Nanjiang county and Bazhou District, grace Yang District), which after Guan BA Xiang, Nanjiang County, two Xiang Qiao Ting Xiang, Yuan Tan Xiang, Dong Yu Zhen, Shahe Town, two town, Bazhou District, the town of jujube forest after Liang Xiang, brilliant Ping Xiang, grace Yang District after Xinglongchang Town, Guan xiang. (reporter Ren Xingqi)相关的主题文章: