Hangzhou female college students were kidnapped was originally blackmail to blackmail family members rainism

Hangzhou female students were "kidnapped" is fraud to blackmail family zhongxinwangzhongxinwang – in October 14 Hangzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Yu Xiaowei) 14, reporters from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province Public Security Bureau Jiangdong Public Security Bureau was informed that the local police to deal with a special "kidnapping". The day before, the local 19 year old female college student Xiao Fang (a pseudonym) lost and is kidnapped". Originally, the kidnappers of Telecom fraud molecules. In order to blackmail small parents, fraudsters have disguised "SF customer service" and "Shanghai police" to "suspected illegal identity, has been wanted" on the grounds that small Pianzhi remote areas will be far from home, after fraudsters call their parents, making small kidnapped by their parents to blackmail and impose exactions on scam. Local police after more than and 20 hours, after more than to find out the truth. At present, small square has been safely returned to their parents. 6, the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Jiangdong Yi Peng police station received a man police telephone, said the 19 year old daughter at 2 in the afternoon to go out after losing contact, mobile phone also shut down. After her daughter lost contact with people called, said kidnapped Xiao Fang, required to specify the account to remit fifty thousand yuan. The Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade reconnaissance by Jiang Fang, found that there has been in Hangzhou, Binjiang, Linping and Jiaxing Xiasha Haining. But every time the police arrived, she has left, the surrounding area has not found her whereabouts. At the same time, Fang’s mother kept in the police station after the kidnappers call with them. More than ten 6 in the evening, the police learned that at a hotel in Binjiang for occupancy, 20 minutes later, when the police rushed to the hotel, check-out in square has left 5 minutes ago. After the police found, from check-in to check-out, Xiao Fang is a person, the possibility of being kidnapped is very small. But the kidnappers’ phone, to help small pass is sound, and Fang persuade the parents to quickly send money. All the truth until you find the square to solve. More than 2 at 7 pm, the police get clues, Fang may in the vicinity of a primary school in Tongxiang. Finally, at half past three in the afternoon, in front of a primary school in Tongxiang, the police found the missing 25 hours of continuous. Originally, more than 2 at 6 pm, Xiao Fang received claiming to SF customer service phone at home, saying there is a vote from Shanghai to Macao express Macao Customs seized, and let the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai Chongming County consultation "". After that, the Chongming Public Security Bureau, Lu police officer said there are three copies of her forged identity card. The ID card is registered company suspected of violating the law, and I have been wanted by small and may be sentenced to three years. At the same time, in order to avoid the Macao police arrest "," six police officers "let Xiaofang take bank cards, ID cards, mobile phone and charging treasure left home. Subsequently, "six police officers immediately let small change mobile phone number, she can only one person with him, and keep the call. During the "six police officers" to teach her a lot from "approach — Macao police" constantly change to go to the remote place, where few people, also let him read the contents of the specified small "Mom followed, save me……" "Mom, you give them the money." )相关的主题文章: