Hebi 1 year old girl scalp red knots because my mother often took her to do it (video)-avbox

Hebi 1 year old girl scalp red knots because my mother often took her daughter to do this was more than 1 years old mother gave her a perm child scalp long pimple refused to sleep at night about the morning news (reporter Qi Kaiyan) "how do adults give beauty, hair and nails was 1 year old child, get children allergic uncomfortable, I really don’t like!" October 23rd, who lives in Double Bay Area Qibin Wang contact reflect this reporter. Ms. Wang said, usually she does not live with his son, see most of the weekend granddaughter. "Small granddaughter hair is curly, daughter-in-law is unsolicited volumes, I also did not think that this is not the child to the scalp allergy I have been kept in the dark!" Speaking of this, Ms. Wang is still very angry, she said children sleep at night these days have been scratching, crying, refused to sleep, she raised the child’s hair was found a lot of red pimple long child scalp. Subsequently, the family took the child to the hospital, the final diagnosis of children suffering from allergic dermatitis. After some inquiry, the doctor told Ms. Wang, the cause may be a perm when the chemical agent allergy or perm tools unclean. At this time, Ms. Wang knew that her daughter-in-law carrying a family to take the child to burn his hair, and not just this time. Ms. Wang said, daughter-in-law usually love dressing up, children often wear nail polish, stovepipe pants. In the morning, the reporter contacted the Department of Dermatology General Hospital of Hebi Doctor Li, that children perm is likely to cause various skin diseases: children of the delicate skin of low resistance, adults use chemical perm syrup, nail polish containing most irritating chemicals, once the child contact, it is easy to induce allergic infections." (Qihe morning) video: the tide mother was 5 years old son perm hair often late.相关的主题文章: